13 Things Highly Confident People Do Differently


1. Highly confident people are assertive without the need to be aggressive. They don’t need to bombard you with their presence or their views in order to make their opinions count. They know the difference between displaying self-assurance and unbecoming arrogance. And they stay on the side of the former.

2. They form their own opinions about the people they encounter with little outside influence. Highly confident people know that everybody’s perception of someone is based off their own experiences. And so they endeavor to give people the benefit of the doubt. They know that people respond positively when treated fairly.

3. They do not ignore people’s advice nor do they simply go ahead and do what someone else is telling them to do. Instead, highly confident people know how to separate advice that works for them and advice that doesn’t. They know that most people offer advice to help, but that ultimately an individual must make their own choices.

4. Highly confident people are not afraid of arguments and debate. They love to engage people because they are often assured in their assertions and points of view, because they put effort into them. Moreover, they know that it is possible for two people to have opposing views on an issue and both of them to be worthy of respect. They are not intimidated by disagreements.

5. People who are highly confident don’t fear being disliked. They don’t set out to be disliked but they feel comfortable with the idea that they don’t need to be everyone’s friend. They know how to be cordial to those who don’t like them without feeling like their being “fake.” They strike the balance well.

6. Highly confident people have a good sense of humor. They know how to take it – be the butt of a good joke – as well as to dish it out. One of the secrets of being a highly confident person is to be comfortable being silly and knowing how not to take yourself so seriously. They know there’s a time and place for everything.

7. They don’t have to be the center of attention or feel the need to always draw attention to themselves. They do however exude an outward, almost tangible conviction that draws people to them. And it’s not because people want something from them or to be associated with them. But because people are intrigued by them and find them interesting.

8. Highly confident people don’t feel the need to one-up people. They often enjoy other people’s success or when other people have the spotlight. Indeed confident people are often quite competitive but they know when and how to put that aside and celebrate other people. Because other people’s success is not a threat to them.

9. Highly confident people know how to confront people in a way that produces positive, rather than negative results. They dislike pettiness and passive aggressiveness. They like to get right to the heart of the matter when they have a problem with something. They are composed and prepared while maintaining an aura of class, even when they have to do something uncomfortable.

10. Nobody likes being wrong but highly confident people deal with being wrong in the best way: First and foremost they admit to themselves and to the other person that they might have been wrong. And then they think of the situation as an opportunity for learning and growth rather than one that should shame them. They have perspective.

11. Highly confident people know what they’re good at, and seek to be the master of these things. They do not feel the need to be good at everything or to prove a point about the things they are good at. They excel and let the accolades speak for themselves. Highly confident people know it is best to manage your weaknesses while devoting more time to building your strengths.

12. People who are highly confident are often very grateful. They know one of the secrets to leading a fulfilling life is to find gratitude in as many things as possible. They refrain from comparing who they are and what they have with others, because they know that everyone’s life story is different. They also know that gratitude will keep them grounded.

13. Highly confident people live in the present. They learn from their past mistakes without beating themselves over previous losses. They know that losses are a part of the game and they are there to help you improve. But they go into everything with a positive outlook, believing that each time will be better than the last. But most importantly, they know that there is no time like the present in almost anything.