13 Things That Happen When You Have A Celebrity Look-Alike


1. If you look like an attractive celebrity, you celebrate like there’s no tomorrow.

“Wow, you think I look like Jennifer Lawrence? Thanks!” PRAISE JESUS.

2. If you don’t look like an attractive celebrity, well….

“Wow. You think I look like Steve Buscemi?” Don’t mind me, I’m just going to go cry in a corner that even Swayze wouldn’t rescue me from.

3. You consciously start taking fashion advice from your look-alike.

I never thought I could pull off that pattern, but it looks good on them, so…. OH MY GOD IT DOES LOOK GOOD.*

*A moment of silence for the people that look like Helena Bonham3 Carter.

4. You unconsciously start taking fashion advice from them.

Your celebrity look-alike just got bangs, and you suddenly get the urge to try out bangs too.

5. A lot of people are sure they know you from somewhere.

Them: “Are you Darlene’s neighbor? Did you go to her Fourth of July party last year?”
You: “No, I really don’t think we’ve met.”
Them: “No, we have. I definitely know you from somewhere.”
You: “Ocean’s 11. I look familiar because you watched Ocean’s 11 last night. It was on TNT.”
Them: “No, that’s not it. Did you go to the post office recently?”
You: Lie. Just so they’ll stop with this madness.

6. You have a set reaction for when people say you look like your look-alike.

Usually, they’re so excited that they finally figured out who you look like, that you can’t bear to tell them that dozens of people have already beat them to the punch. You just smile and exclaim, “Oh my gosh, that’s so nice of you to say! Thank you!”

7. You get oddly defensive whenever someone criticizes your look-alike.

“Hey, LiLo has been through a lot lately! You don’t understand the kind of pressure her manager has been putting on her. So, she stole a car! Everyone makes mistakes.” You’re not entirely sure why you keep doing this, but it just feels like they’re criticizing a part of you, and you can’t help it.

8. You imagine yourself dating all the massively attractive superstars that your look-alike is seen with.

Ryan Gosling’s dating Eva Mendes, you look like Eva Mendes, therefore Ryan Gosling could totally be into dating you, right? RIGHT?!

9. Whenever you’re short on cash, you consider going the Vegas route.

John Krasinski impersonators are super in demand, right?

10. You figure you’ve got pretty good chances at getting whatever career your look-alike has.

Foolproof logic, really. If you look like Adele, you’re obviously just as talented as her; you just need to be discovered.

11. They make your list of favorite celebrities, even though you’re not hugely fond of their work.

They just kind of get a free pass, because you share similar noses. Even if you look like Charles Manson, there’s still a part of you that thinks, “He can’t be that bad, right?” Because, if he’s just a monster, than you just look like a monster, and that’s no bueno.

12. If you were to ever meet him/her, you would fangirl until you passed out.

“It’s like my whole existence has been leading up to this moment and ahhh I can’t believe it’s you don’t you think we look alike can we take a picture what do your parents look like do they look like my parents how is this possible—“ *Thunk.

13. You get long, intense stares from strangers.

It’s just a taste of what your celebrity look-alike deals with on a daily basis, but it’s enough. You’ll be walking through Target, minding your own business, when you get that weird feeling that someone is watching you. You slowly turn around and see someone openly staring at you from the deodorant aisle. They elbow their friend, and you can practically hear them murmur, “Is that Amy Poehler?” You’ve now got two deodorant connoisseurs gaping at you, so you scream, “I’M NOT HER!” and make a break for the check out.