13 Things To Do If You Want To Unleash Your Inner Boss Bitch This Year


1. Practice kindness on a regular basis. Yep, that’s right. It’s 2018 and kindness is gonna be the hottest thing this season, honey. Be nice to those around you. You never know the difference it might make. It’s what a true boss ass bitch would do.

2. Stop saying, “Sorry to bug you!” in work emails. You’re doing your job. You’re not bugging anyone. Cut that shit from your vocabulary. We don’t have time for inferiority complexes.

3. Take your skincare seriously. Skin is the largest organ in the human body. BE GOOD TO IT. Wash your face. Remove your makeup. For the love of God, moisturize.

4. Stop making fun of things you don’t understand. A real boss ass bitch recognizes that we all have different taste and it’s tacky as hell to yuck another person’s yum. What you find lame might be what someone else lives for. Cruelty is never a good look. Let people be excited about the stuff they like.

5. Wake up with a purpose. It doesn’t always have to be grand. Or amazing. Or revolutionary. Your purpose can change. But set an intention every morning. It helps you actually get out of bed.

6. Eat some damn vegetables. Kale is not as bad as you think. Massage it with some olive oil. Your body will thank you.

7. Don’t neglect your health. Go to the doctor. Get a regular pap smear. Floss. DRINK WATER 2K18!!!!

8. Ask for what your worth monetarily. Recognize what you bring to the table. Your talents, your work, your abilities all have a price. Ask for it. Stop acting like you don’t deserve it. You’ve got bills, babe.

9. Be with someone who makes you happy. Life is short. Life is short and painful and often ruthless. When it comes to romance, don’t settle for someone who gives you the occasional orgasm or pays attention to you once in a blue moon. Life is short. So love someone. Let them love you back. There’s no time for questioning.

10. Learn how to be happy with yourself. Because relationships are cool but they’re never gonna be as cool as fully accepting yourself. You’re the real one you’ve gotta live with. Might as well make nice.

11. Speak up. If someone does something you don’t agree with, say so. Let your voice be heard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not easy. But you have space in this world. Use it. Say something.

12. Assess your weaknesses. Because even boss ass bitches have faults. And it’s important to recognize them. Address them when you can. Cut yourself slack when you can’t. Always be a work in progress.

13. Surround yourself with other boss ass bitches. Girl gangs are important. Women who get you, who respect you, who will order you tequila shots after you just got fired are women you want to keep around. There’s room for so many powerful ladies in your life.