13 Struggles Of Secret Homebodies Who Go Out All The Time Because They Feel Like They “Have To”


1. The slightest change in weather plans (“There’s a 20% chance of drizzle in four hours! I can’t!”) is an excuse to cancel.

2. When someone set up plans a week ago, and on the day of you’re all mentally prepped to go out, and then they cancel on you. RAGE.

3. Going out over two nights in a row = soul death. Not only are you dying to take an isolate yourself from society for at least 48 hours, but you have to wake up in 8 hours to go to work and do your job. Life is hard.

4. The buildup to obligations planned more than five days in advance is dreadful. You can’t even. Even though it’s never as bad as you thought it would be.

5. You have started training people to not invite you to anything anymore. This makes you feel two conflicting things: glad you’re not having to constantly turn everyone down, but because you’re human, FOMO.

6. You just wish you were at normal social levels. You feel this the most when everyone around you seems to be so enthusiastically interested in the most boring conversation you’ve ever heard.

7. Happy hour group email chains. There is no unsubscribing from them without going Defcon-5 and asking the entire chain to remove you from the email. The worst.

8. When you actually do want to go out, everyone seems to have other plans. You are insecure that this is your fault.

9. The guilt of staying in. If you’re single, every Friday and Saturday night is a missed opportunity. If you’re in a relationship, you’re letting your significant other or friends down.

10. When you’ve actually gone out, done your time (all the while smiling), and are ready to leave, but the person you’re with literally takes 30 minutes to say goodbye to one person.

11. The last thing you want to do after a long, tiring work week is wake up the next morning with a crippling hangover. You’re doomed to cutting in half the weekend you waited so long for with a terrible headache and total aversion to sunlight.

12. When you dread an obligation for a week and then the thing turns out to be everything you feared. FML.

13. Vacations. You love vacations! But when you go on them with “normal” people they are ABSOLUTELY. EXHAUSTING. All you want is a few nights off. Most of the nights off. Maybe, all of the nights off. But so you can go to sleep early and make the most of tomorrow!

image – Alex Dram