13 Things You Should Do On May 29 Because There’s No Reason To Wait Until Tomorrow


1. Speak kindly to yourself. Even if you spent the entire day complaining about how messy your hair looked, pause your pessimism and give yourself a compliment. About anything. How well you did at work. How nice your perfume smells. How your shirt matches your eyes. There has to be something you like about yourself today. Find it.

2. Drink water. It will clear your complexion. It will boost your energy. It will promote weight loss. It will enhance your sex life. Drink the damn water.

3. Leave your comfort zone for half a second. It only takes a second to click send on that job application you have been considering or to text your crush something boldly flirtatious. Stop waiting. Go for it today.

4. Find a reason to laugh. You could pull up a video of your favorite YouTuber. You could text your funniest friend. Or you could laugh at your own pain. Just make sure you never go through the day without at least one genuine smile.

5. Have an honest conversation. Make time to talk to someone — a friend or a neighbor or a stranger at the store — about more than just the weather. Give them an authentic compliment. Tell them a quick story. Form a meaningful connection, even if it’s fleeting.

6. Exercise. Walk your dog around the block. Clear your clothing from the treadmill and use it for more than a coat stand. Finally visit the gym you bought a membership for but never stepped into. Or at least get on top during sex.

7. Text your mother to tell her you appreciate her. Or your father. Or your boyfriend. Or your best friend. Pick someone you care deeply about and make their day by reminding them they mean more to you than they will ever realize.

8. Clear out your emails. Even if you don’t get back to the people you should have responded to weeks ago, at least go through your mail and delete all of the spam so you don’t have to keep staring at such a large notification number on your screen.

9. X out your tabs. To continue the spring cleaning trend, read through the articles you have kept open on your browser for days. There’s no reason to keep them open if you’re going to keep putting off reading them.

10. Do something you love. Bake. Take photographs. Play video games. Draw. Find something that brings you joy and spend at least a few minutes doing it. You deserve the break.

11. Eat something healthy. You can start small with just a healthy snack. Bananas. Apples. Oranges. Grapes. Watermelon. There has to be something of nutritional value that you actually enjoy eating so it won’t feel like a chore.

12. Read. Find a book (or an audiobook) that interests you. This isn’t like high school where you are forced to read a certain topic you couldn’t care less about. Pick what you like. Historical fiction. Science fiction. Fantasy. Erotica. Autobiographies. There is something out there that will draw your attention and hold it for hours. You just have to look.

13. Take a second to think. Put down your phone and let your mind wander before you fall asleep. Think about what you want to get accomplished tomorrow. Think about what you are proud of accomplishing today. Give your voice a chance to be heard.