13 Tips To Help You Live Your Best, Most Authentic Life


1. Do You.

Have no apologies for who you are. If you fit in, great. Perhaps you found your tribe. If you don’t fit in, don’t beat yourself up about it. If you feel like the people around you aren’t speaking your language, perhaps it’s time to explore new flocks. Be brave and true to who you are—wearing unnecessary masks just to fit in or avoid facing the reality of YOU can make life feel hopeless and imprisoned!

Even in a crowd of faces, it’s easy to feel lonely if we aren’t being ourselves and if the people around us don’t appreciate who we are.

Take back your right to be you in front of everyone and in every situation. When you are yourself, you not only invite others to do the same, but you become a bright watch tower for the people you’d wish would find you.

Nature is authentic, and when you step into your own, you create shockwaves of harmony with everyone and everything around you—including the trees, the bees, house keys and fleas. So, do you, boo. Do you, and send the message out that it’s OK to be you.

2. Let Wildness In.

Stepping into the wilderness does wonders to the vibrational energy of our bodies and our nervous systems. There’s a subtle reassurance that everything you need to know, you already know and everything you don’t know may eventually be revealed in time without struggle and without desperation.

Mother nature also wraps her moonlight, bark and leaves around our bodies ensuring our hearts that we can feel absolutely safe not understanding the mysteries that can’t be understood.

The wilderness strips us of competition and comparison and invites us into a state of peaceful awe. It also offers a reflection of our individual relationship with life versus being just a mere part of the human race.

If you want wisdom, power and to live free, take for the forest and visit your tree.

There’s a hole that fits your shape in this life, find it and dive in. Give yourself permission to be messy, wild and more of you.

3. Hear the Voices.

Open up to your life’s purpose and your heart’s deepest desires by listening to the voices inside of you. There’s a lot of dialogue going on—some incessant, some nonsensical—but if we learn to listen more sincerely, we’ll discover that a deeper, all-knowing conversation is happening. It takes practice to hear this guidance as it takes practice to hear your heart’s desire, to trust your gut and to listen to your intuition.

Pay attention to the whisper and the serendipitous moments that remind you of what’s important to you.

Keep listening and keep following the signs. You have the ability to live a life that’s true to who you are and a life that you really want.

Listen like your life depends on it.

Because maybe it does.

4. Take the damn risk already.

Make choices that put yourself first—above everything and everyone else, even those you love and cherish the most. If you don’t take care of yourself, if you don’t do what is best for you, your relationships will eventually suffer. Trust in the fact that doing what is best for you is best for everyone even if it doesn’t feel like it at first.

Sometimes sacrifices have to made. People will get hurt and there will be losses, but the rewards gained from following your heart are absolutely everything in comparison, and it serves everyone.

Do something difficult for no other reason than you like to do it.

5. Believe.

The supreme secret formula: Believe in yourself and people will believe in you. Don’t give up due to predefined perceptions and limitations of yourself. Don’t give up because of the perceived effort. Millions of people give up before they even get started. They fail to realise their potential and give up as soon as they reach the first hurdle. Why? They don’t believe in themselves.

The only difference between abundance and lack thereof is following through. Give yourself permission to master your personal alchemy and the transformation back to you.

If you don’t believe in yourself you will end up throwing away your creativity and ideas. On the other hand, if you believe in yourself, you will no matter the outcome, find success even in what you perceive as the greatest of losses.

6. Use your body and love who and what you are.

It’s never been about the symmetry of your face or your body. It’s about the light that shines from within.

Have you ever witnessed a person that has been in a tragic, body deforming accident who has come out stronger, more compassionate and yes, even more beautiful? Their light shines so bright that after just a few minutes, you don’t see their asymmetry anymore, you simply feel and connect with their light.

If you see yourself as mere looks, if you believe your worth is merely skin deep, others will see you and judge you the same. Aren’t you more than that? Remember, no matter what you do, your looks will eventually fade. What will remain is the fire that burns within. Stop smothering it with delusional judgements and superficial shape chasing. Stop holding yourself back from life because you don’t believe you look good enough.

7. Defy your genetics.

Evolve from the base point you’ve been born into. Don’t allow the limitations of your parents or their parents deter you from your path. See it all as potential to evolve your bloodline, your genetic makeup, your life to a place where neither you, nor your ancestors, have ever gone before. YOU hold the torch.

If you are the black sheep of the family, be grateful. The path can be lonely, but know that you broke free. Celebrate this freedom.

You are the architect of your existence, “the captain of your soul”.

8. Integrate into wholeness.

Accept all parts of your life. All parts. This is one of the deepest healing elixirs you can ever offer yourself.

Allow it all to weave and braid together—your mind with body, your body with spirit and your entire being with all of the experiences of your life.

Accept your irrevocable wholeness.

When you accept what has been, what you thought was and what is, you loosen your grip on delusions, limitations and stale beliefs that hold you back. What’s left? Space. Space and room to expand into the shape you are naturally, wholly and fully with a deeper sense of truth, wisdom and compassion.

Amen and aho.

9. Paint a spectrum of love for all.

Be kind and loving, without stepping in any bull shit. Be accepting of others—of what they want to create, what they want to be and what they envision. Remind them to do everything it takes not to fail.

Offer and support a new way of living, thinking, creating, even working—listen, and screw feeling threatened. Don’t be the reason someone feels like shit. Be the reason they shine.

And don’t forget that energy follows intention… have conversations that make you honest, smile and ponder. Offer solutions that bring you close to life versus farther away from it.

10. Take the time to do nothing.

Clear the slate. Erase the chalkboard. Wash it all clean. Reset. Stop. Stay. Don’t do anything. Just let everything be as it is. No matter how it is, no matter what your mind is screaming or what confusion you have in your life, for a few moments or as long as you can each day, let it be.

Connect with the earth. Feel her anchor and support. Feel grounded and calm. Then let go. Take a deep breath in. Exhale it all out. Drop into what it feels like to be free—free from all the masks you wear, all the roles you play and every single thing on you to-do list.

Doing nothing and sitting still, helps you recognize all the ways in which you don’t let go. Explore the profound, beautiful simplicity and subtlety of doing nothing… and all the challenges it endures.

In the most simple instruction from Andrew Cohen: take a seat, be still and don’t do anything.

In the words of The Beatles: Let it be.

11. Seek connection versus perfection.

Living an authentic life stems from your ability to be self-aware and genuine in the ways in which you express, react, dance, share, create, listen, etc—in other words, how you connect with yourself and the world around you.

Authenticity also heightens from your ability to be aware of when you are being and/or reacting inauthentically.

Being authentic develops a connection with who you truly are, your real essence, and liberates you from the superficial pressures and expectations of always trying to be perfect.

Being authentic also strengthens your ability to manage obstacles, challenges and triggers in a super healthy way.

12. You already have everything you need to be you.

Clear away the small minded and limiting ideas of who you are that keeps you bound and feeling small, hopeless, even unworthy. You already have everything—everything you need to be you. In the present moment, you have very clear goals.

There is much to be done as you are right now.

Discover the clearing, discover the openness and the deepest part of your own Universe. Tap into your unlimited energy and passion to follow-through.

13. Transform your pain into soulful purpose.

How deep would you be willing to go in order to transform pain into purpose and into your own personal brand of beauty, magic, purpose and creativity? What if it were possible, no matter your circumstances, past, or storyline, to become truly blessed and nourished by the power of your darkness?

For most of us, our darkness has been synonymous with “stuckness”. It is something that has held us back, from feeling, loving, creating, experiencing, and expressing our gifts, voices and deepest truths.

All it takes is a little bit of courage and the willingness to look, feel and explore what exists beneath the surface of your self-limiting beliefs. Once you step outside of stagnation and into the direction of your heart’s wild and creative counsel, you’ll never ever look back.

As the torch bearer and hero of your life, it is your duty to journey straight to the pulse of your pain—no matter when or how its arrow pierced your heart, or how long its been passing through your DNA.

You’re the only one who can save and unleash the real you.

Living a life of authenticity is a path of personal evolution–and as with any journey, it’s up to you.