13 Vintage Tampon Ads That Are Perfectly Insane


I was just watching a tampon commercial on TV and it was the standard business: Young, happy friends practically skipping down the street, laughing, and one of them passes the other a vaj cork and they share a knowing smile and then cut to them hanging out with boys. Lots of shiny teeth, etc.

This isn’t going to be some long thing where I talk about how sexist and unrealistic commercial depictions of menstruation are – we all get it by now. But it did make me curious if marketing efforts behind feminine hygiene products have always been so batshit insane. So I took to the Googles, and it turns out, yes. Yes, they have always been all the way cray. But also kind of hilarious.


Oh right, the whole “tampons will pop your cherry” myth. That was a good time in sexual repression.

This is actually the most gentle, presh way of explain a period. I’m into it:

This is literally exactly what my transactions at the drug store look like.

BE THE YOU HE LIKES. I mean, at least they’re not even pretending that menstruation is about you. It’s about your man, duh.

God, I can’t wait until my uterine lining starts to shed and fall out of my vagina again so I can get about the business of looking glamorous and bonding over our mutual secret with the other women in my life.