13 Ways A Guy Can Love A Girl Who Loves Books


1. Take her to a bookstore. Any bookstore. It doesn’t matter. Big bookstores are good – big bookstores with escalators and expansive rows of books and sections to devour. But little bookstores are even better. The kind that have stacks of books everywhere, the kind of bookstore that when you walk in it smells like you’re walking into an old book, the kind that have a cat or a dog wandering around, and strangers you have to squeeze by in little aisles.

2. But don’t just take her to a bookstore. Let her get lost. Let yourself get lost. Know that one of the  best ways you can love a book lover is to spend the afternoon lazily browsing the shelves, coming together every so often to share what you’ve found.

3. Know that every holiday or birthday doesn’t have to be some big extravaganza. Books are always the perfect gift and she’ll always remember you gave it to her. Pick out a new release you know she’s been dying to read or an old edition of one her favorite classics.

4. Make drinks at home one night and choose a few different cocktails her favorite authors were known to drink. Maybe you make a gin and tonic in honor of J.K. Rowling or a margarita in the spirit of Jack Kerouac.

5. Let her ramble on and on about whatever story she’s currently caught up in. Engage with her. Be interested in why these stories move her.

6. Plan a trip to a destination that’s the backdrop to one of her favorite novels. If you can’t do that recreate the scene at home. Make a date of cooking food and creating a meal based off of something she read or watch the movie based on the book (even though you can guarantee she’ll tell you the book is way better).

7. Let her know what you’re reading whether it’s books or magazines or an article online. Let her know the words that make you laugh and think. She’ll appreciate knowing what stirs your mind.

8. Put your own thoughts into words for her. Leave little notes for her or send her a spontaneous email or text in the middle of day telling her you can’t wait to see her.

9. Offer to take her library books back for her when they’re about to be due. Ask her if there’s anything you can pick up to replace the books she just read.

10.  If you’re in a city where a lot of well known authors have lived plan an itinerary for a day to hit up all the favorite local haunts of various writers.

11. Buy her a book for no reason. This is always awesome.

12. Learn who her favorite authors are and the characters she resonates with most. She’ll talk about them as if they’re her best friends, as if they’re people she’s known forever. If the author is coming out with a new release check out the book tour and see if they’re coming to your city. Make a surprise date to see the author do a reading/signing.

13. Go on a road trip inspired by one of her favorite books. Follow the same route Hunter S. Thompson took throughout South America or reinvent Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley through the continental United States.