13 Ways You Know Your College Friends Are Your Soulmates


1. You can eat an entire large pizza all by yourself in one sitting and they won’t judge you for it. In fact, they’re probably sitting next to you devouring their own large pizzas. It’s actually turned into a heated competition to see who can finish their pizza first.

2. After annihilating said large pizzas, you fall into hazy, food-induced comas and start naming each other’s food babies and plan their futures together.

3. You’re expected to arrive as a packaged deal at parties. When one of you gets an invite, it’s assumed you’ll be bringing your friends too.

4. They don’t even think twice about letting you use their social media accounts so you can stalk your new crush and your crush’s friends, exes, parents, grandma, and 5th grade teacher.

5. They know every single minute detail of every hookup, relationship, not-relationship, flirtationship, and secret crush you’ve ever had and they have all of this information memorized in chronological order dating back to the dawn of time.

6. You’ve learned that separation anxiety is real, so you try to avoid separating at all costs. But when you do have to part ways for a little while, you’re group texting each other non-stop, repeatedly telling one another how much you miss them and can’t wait to see them in 12 days, 3 hours, 23 minutes and 14 seconds.

7. You can talk to them about any weird and disgusting health concerns you may be having without feeling embarrassed and they’ll probably try to help you diagnose the problem, because they actually care.

8. They fully support you and all of your weird obsessions. Example: Got a cringe-worthy obsession with Game of Thrones and cats? They’ve probably sent you 132 articles about Game of Thrones and/or cats, pictures of cats dressed as Game of Thrones characters, and videos of cats acting out scenes from Game of Thrones (yes, it’s a real thing, look it up).

9. You’ve seen each other full on ugly-cry and still remain friends to this day.

10. They don’t feel like they need to sugar coat things for you. When you ask them for their opinion on something, they’ll answer you with brutal honesty. Brutal.

11. They’ll do anything and everything in their power to help you get through a breakup—even if that means listening to you cry, complain, and vent about the same things over and over for days at a time, because they know you’d do the same for them, and you probably already have.

12. You could be having the worst day of your entire existence on earth, but somehow, they just know how to make it instantly better—usually with the perfect combination of wine, greasy food, snuggling, and Netflix.

13. You know that no matter where life takes you after college, your bond will always be unbreakable. These are your friends, no—soulmates for life.