13 Ways You Know You’re The Charlotte York Of Your Friend Group


1. You make plans and you keep them, you’re famous for it. When your friend group needs to get out of town, you already know the best places to go and make the reservations, email everyone a packing list, and coordinate how you’re all going to travel.

2. Your love for your friends is endless, you may not support every decision they make, but you’re always there when they need you. And it seems, more often than not, that you’re the kind of person people go to when they need love, support, and advice.

3. You guys always seem to congregate at your house, even if just to meet up before going out. You love to host your friends, so it’s natural for you to extend the offer frequently, but your home is just also a place where people feel comfortable. It’s an extension of your own likability. It doesn’t hurt that your taste in decor is absolutely flawless.

4. You have never once paid on a date. Ever.

5. Your taste in men is legendary. You like dudes with roman numerals in their name, or who your dad introduces you to. You consider great man-hunting locations to be country clubs, polo matches, and expensive bars in the financial district.

6. You believe in love, Real Love. It’s the most important thing in your life. You would do anything for the person you loved: change addresses, religions, jobs. It’s this giant heart and relentless tenacity to be vulnerable in your search for love that attracts people to you.

7. Your Christmas Card game is second to none. So is your “hand-written thank-you delivered the day after attending literally any event” game. And RSVP game. Let’s put it this way: pretty much anything Emily Post would have an opinion on is something you’re flawless at.

8. You genuinely feel you have learned a lot from Elizabeth Taylor about being a woman who both believes in strength and love. She wasn’t perfect by any means, which makes her all the more inspirational. Even after a string of divorces, she never gave up on love.

9. You love to wear dresses. It’s partially an aesthetic reason, but it’s also a sense of positive energy you get from how feminine and classically put-together you look.

10. Your hair is gravity defying. Or, it’s just permanently buoyed by your positivity.

11. You’ve never been accused of wearing too much makeup, or wearing something that’s too revealing. You know how to style yourself in a way that’s classic — never “too much” of anything.

12. You literally cannot wait to have kids. You have Pinterest boards filled with kids clothing, recipes for DIY baby food, lists of fun (and educational) activities to do with them, pictures of how their rooms will look — everything. All that’s left is to find the perfect dad…

13. Your legacy is the people around you, your relationships. You’re a person who loves deeply and no one in your life could help but admire that. You might not be the most successful career girl in your clique, or the most well-traveled, but you’ve made people feel loved and experienced it yourself, and that is what really matters to you.