13 Women Reveal Their Biggest Pet Peeves In The Bedroom


1. “I hate it when he constantly asks if I’m enjoying myself. Just because I’m not screaming and moaning every second doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong, just keep going, and don’t stop!” —Vanessa, 26

2. “When I’m on my period and he makes me give him head. Like really? Not only am I extremely horny and can’t have sex with you, but you’re going to make me go down on you because of it? And he clearly isn’t about to give me some in return.” —Heather, 25

3. “He always wants me to be on top. Give me a break every once in a while.” —Kayla, 26

4. “When he complains about using a condom. I’m not on birth control, so it’s either this or a mini me that you’ll have to pay me for in nine months.” —Tonya, 23

5. “I’ll tell him I’m tired, and that I just want to cuddle, and he won’t stop trying until I give in. I never get off when I’m tired, and I try telling him that and he clearly doesn’t care.” —Emily, 25

6. “I hate it when he asks me to masturbate in front of him. Masturbation is my ‘me time,’ I’m not doing it to turn you on, I’m doing it to turn myself on.” —Nadia, 24

7. “Well this doesn’t have to do with sex, but he is a complete sheet hog. It’s fine in the summer, but when it starts getting cold I start sleeping with my own personal blanket.” —Shannon, 28

8. “When he asks me to do anal. Absolutely not. No, no, NO.” —Ally, 25

9. “We’ve been dating for 4 years, yes that’s a long time, but when you talk about work while we’re having sex, that’s so not romantic. If this is what happens after 4 years, I don’t even want to think about marriage.” —Kelsey, 25

10. “My boyfriend loves to use toys. I’d much rather it be just me and him. Toys should be for when he’s not around. What’s the point of using toys when you have the real thing right in front of you?” —Meghan, 26

11. “Absolutely cannot stand it if he compares our sex to porn. Whether its me, the position, my body, my sound effects, no just don’t do it. I am not a porn star, and I won’t fuck like one, so there is no comparison.” —Lisa, 24

12. “He smells his fingers after they’re inside me. It grosses me out!” —Hailey, 23

13. “If he comes on my pillow. Seriously?! My face has to rest there when I sleep!” —Gia, 24