14 Changes That Happen When You Turn 30


1. You start to realize that a few close, reliable friends are better than dozens of casual friends.

2. When a new movie or band comes out your first thought is, “well that’s a ripoff of *thing you loved 20 years ago*” and you’re usually right.

3. Your metabolism is like, “LOL SEE YA LATER!”

4. You find yourself lingering on Investigation Discovery or 20/20 for just a little longer than you used to.

5. You inadvertently start making that dad sound when you get out of a chair. You know what I’m talking about. That “uuggrrhhhnng” sound.

6. The words you pray to hear every day of your life are “Law & Order: SVU Marathon.”

7. You’re no longer annoyed when you get carded for drinks. Now it’s kind of awesome.

8. You realize all the shows you grew up loving are now on Nick at Night.

9. You remember buying the tapes and CDs of songs that are now on classic radio stations.

10. If someone asks what you did this weekend and you say, “nothing” it’s said with joy instead of sadness.

11. Acne moves from your face to random, unexpected parts of your body.

12. Same thing goes with rogue hairs.

13. If a concert doesn’t have seating, you’re probably not going.

14. Instead of saying, “I can’t believe she’s wearing that” you start to say, “I would kill my kid if they wore something like that.”