14 Essential Things You Need To Know Before You Date A Homebody


  1. We like to be at home. A lot. That’s why we call ourselves a homebody. It doesn’t mean that we don’t like going out ever. It just means we really, really like chilling at home.
  1. If you want to really get to know us the best way is through one-on-one interaction. When we’re in a group setting we’ll likely not be as open as we normally would and it’s not really a great way to see our personality shine or to discuss anything personal.
  1. We aren’t threatened by your need to go out and socialize. You get your energy by hanging with other people? That’s totally cool and we get that. Just understand we get our energy from being alone. If we both consider how each other recharges then we can better understand each other and work out any potential problems.
  1. We prefer small group interactions over big parties or crazy, loud events. We can totally do big parties and we can deal with crowds from time to time but we feel like the best conversations and moments happen on a small scale. We’re typically only our wacky, weird selves when we’re around the people we feel truly comfortable with.
  1. Don’t get offended when you invite us out to some random’s birthday party and we’re not really that stoked about it. If we don’t really know the person we’re not going to be that interested in attending unless there’s great potential for free food. And even then, it’s unlikely. We’d rather be at home reading a book or something. We’re selectively social, not anti-social. There’s a difference.
  1. We’ll go out to your social outings if you can compromise with us. So we might not be that into that random’s birthday party but if it’s important to you that we go then, of course, we’ll go. But can we agree on an exit strategy beforehand? Most homebodies are up for attending events as long as they can feel secure they won’t be obligated to stick around the entire time. Are you the type that closes the bar down every night or prefers to hang at a party till it dies down? That’s totally fine but be aware it’s not really our thing. We’ll need/want to leave way before that.
  1. If you ask us to do something and we say “maybe” it usually means that we need time to think about and prepare for whatever you’ve just asked us to go do, but ultimately it probably means no. Hey, we might end up wanting to go, so we’ll give you a small slimmer of hope while we weigh the pros and cons of the potential situation. Usually though, if something sounds appealing we’ll say yes right away.
  2. Please don’t call us boring or get on our case about how we never go out. Maybe you just can’t understand staying at home for nights on end but for us we can never run out of fun activities to do by ourselves. That’s just the way we are.
  3. If we get to a bar and we ask something like, “Do you like it here?” It probably means we absolutely hate it and want to go somewhere else. It’s loud, there’s nowhere to sit, and nowhere we can talk. What’s the point of being here? Let’s leave immediately.
  4. If we initiate going out that means we really, really need to get out of the house and do something. It’s rare, it might only happen on occasion, but we NEED this to happen.
  5. We spend most of our life lounging around in our underwear. If you stop over unannounced and it takes us forever to answer the door it’s because we were scrambling to find pants.
  6. We can be stubborn sometimes. If we don’t want to go somewhere it can be difficult to get us there. Sorry! It’s awful, we know. Luckily, kisses and promises of all day Netflix marathons work wonders with convincing.
  7. Understand that forced social interaction can be exhausting for us. If we make plans for a date and you all of a sudden mention your friends are coming or a group is going to join us at the bar, we’re going to immediately feel a sense of anxiety over it unless we already know them. We chose to go out with you. If the plans change or you want other people to come, just give us a heads up.
  8. We’ll always be able to make date nights in really special. We know tons and tons of awesome things we can do together inside. We’re masters at cuddling, at Netflixing, and at knowing which restaurants offer the fastest delivery service.