14 Fun And Unique Date Ideas For Creative Couples


1. Attend an open mic night. Open mics are not only wonderfully creative and inspiring events, but are also usually filled with very supportive audiences. People just want to cheer each other on! And for the extra daring, try getting up on that stage yourself.

2. People-watch and create backstories. Up your people-watching skills by challenging each other to pick a stranger, and imagine what their life is like. For added fun, don’t go for the realistic answers, but for the most interesting and oddball scenarios.

3. Explore a used book store. What better way is there to get to know someone than to geek out over your favorite books? The stacks provide endless entertainment and talking points, and treating your date to a book or two will win their heart forever.

4. Host a book club for two. Pick out a book neither of you have read and turn a typical date night into a cozy evening discussing what you’ve been reading.

5. Flip through classic vinyl. At the risk of being labeled a hipster, there is something absurdly charming about record stores. Even if you don’t have a record player, you can enjoy browsing old school records and discovering new favorites.

6. Attend a music festival. It doesn’t have to be something huge like Coachella, but heading out to a smaller festival can but just as fun, and lacks the pressure of needing to see particular artists. The two of you can just wander around, discover new music, and taste good food.

7. Take an improv class together. Nothing brings out a person’s creative side quicker than standing in front of other creatives and winging it. Bounce ideas off of one another, and just let the creative juices flow.

8. Head to an Indie movie theater. A lot of really great independent films never make it to mainstream movie theaters. So find the nearest artsy theater and check out some films you might not have had the chance to see elsewhere.

9. Explore an art walk. There’s something incredibly fun about meandering through streets that are lined with unique artwork. Suddenly the city you know so well is transformed into a vibrant piece of art itself, and could even spark an idea in you for your next creative endeavor.

10. Attend an art class. Ideally one of those classes that provides wine to drink as well, because what’s better than painting? Painting while enjoying a slight buzz. Plus, if your work of art ends up looking more like a vague attempt at art, you can just blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol.

11. Take a ballroom dance class. Find your inner Silver Linings Playbook and learn a choreographed dance together. They say dancing is the closest we get to sex without, you know, actually having sex. So why not get your Dirty Dancing on?

12. Lurk Groupon for a discounted bartending class. Making drinks isn’t just pouring alcohol, it’s an art form and dedicated craft! You two can become the official coolest couple on the block when it comes to throwing parties when you learn how to make the best martinis in a 30 mile radius.

13. Check out a drive-in movie. It’s the classic dinner-and-a-movie date, but with a fun twist. Not only does it have a cool, slightly vintage feel to it, but you won’t get scolded for chatting with each other during the movie (or you know, for doing *ahem* other things).

14. Go stargazing. It’s completely romantic and wholly underrated. As creative-types, you can either stay up all night chatting about everything your heart desires, or say nothing at all and just stare up at the sky and let your imaginations run wild. Either way, it’s win-win.