14 Horror Movies That Are Coming Out In The Second Half Of 2019


Annabelle Comes Home — June 26

The Conjuring universe is one of the best things to happen to horror this decade any anyone who disagrees can fight me. I find the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren fascinating, and if you’ve got a bit, reading the history of the real Annabelle doll will make you even more excited!

Midsommer — July 3

The next film from the director of Hereditary about a festival in Sweden that’s held only every 90 years.

Darlin’ — July 12

Kinda hypnotizingly creepy movie about a feral girl named Darlin’. Check out the trailer!!!

Crawl — July 12

An alligator disaster movie about a crawlspace… really hitting 2 of my big fears hard here.

Brahms: The Boy II — July 26

I saw this movie in the theater and it was enjoyable because it had a decent twist ending. I have no idea what they are going to do with a sequel, but I’m willing to give it a chance.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark — August 9

Your nightmares from childhood are finally coming back to haunt you!

Corporate Animals — August 9

This is a star studded horror comedy that I *think* will be more funny than scary but the trailer isn’t out yet. It sounds like a comedy version of The Descent meets The Belko Experiment.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged — August 16


We’re always thirsty for a shark movie and Mandy Moore’s 47 Meters Down was a nail-biter! This sequel will follow 4 girls as they dive in and explore a series of underwater caves. They soon learn they’re being stalked by an apex predator.

It Chapter Two — September 6

If it’s produced at the same level as chapter one, this is one to line up and see in theaters! The second half of the story was always the most complelling to me growing up on It. The fact that Pennywise could terrorize adults (usually safe in horror movies centered around kids) made it so much scarier.

Big Shark — September

A mega shark infiltrates New Orleans. This could be great campy fun or total trash.

The Hunt — September 27

A star-studded Blumhouse flick but they for some reason won’t tell people what it’s about. It might be a crappy remake (think of the secret keeping when they did the new Blair Witch movie) OR it could be an incredible story of the most dangerous game of all….

Zombieland: Double Tap — October 18

This sequel follows the same crew from Zombieland 1 as they try to settle in the midwest among the still-raging zombie apocalypse.

Doctor Sleep — November 8

The #1 movie I’m excited for in 2019, and the long, long awaited sequel to the horror legend The Shining. Years after the events of The Shining, Dan Torrance has tried to move on from his life, leaving his “shine” in the past. Then he meets a young girl with her own gifts and the two join up to fight a looming evil presence.

Black Christmas — December 13

Imogen Poots stars in yet another remake. The original is good creepy stuff but the last remake had SO MUCH POTENTIAL and sucked. Really hoping the horror gods come through for us here.