14 Indisputable Reasons Why Youngest Children Are The Most Fun People To Date


1. Youngest children are as adventurous as they come.

Youngest children grew up watching their siblings make mistakes and then course-correct – which gave them a sense of fearlessness when it comes to their own decisions. They aren’t afraid to get out there and tackle life full-force. They’re always the first to sign up for a new experience or adventure.

2. They show the hell up for you.

Youngest children show their love through solidarity. They’re used to being part of a team – one that sticks together at all costs. They’ll be the first people clapping when you win and the first to jump to your defense when you’re threatened.

3. When shit hits the fan, youngest children don’t panic.

Youngest children were usually the casual bystanders of chaos – they watched their families freak out around them while they sat with their juice box and waited for the panic to pass. As adults, they maintain this sense of calm anytime something goes wrong. They know the details will get sorted and the problem will eventually work itself out – so they keep calm throughout crises and tackle problems with a level head.

4. They’re adorably affectionate.

Youngest children grew up jumping, climbing on and clinging to their older family members. They’re used to showering people with affection and having that affection returned. A youngest child will be the first person to give you a massage or a massive ol’ bear hug when you’re having a bad day.

5. They’re ridiculously open-minded.

Youngest children had the luxury of observing what happened when certain rules were followed by their older siblings and others weren’t. As a result, they learned that there are a thousand different ways to tackle any situation or problem. They keep their minds open to new ideas and they’re always on the hunt for new ways of looking at things.

6. They’re low maintenance (kind of).

Youngest children grew up on hand-me-downs and second place medals. They don’t need the best of the best by any means. But they ARE a little used to being catered to. Youngest children are low-maintenance 90% of the time – but if something doesn’t go their way, their inner brat CAN still emerge.

7. They know how to take a joke.

Growing up, youngest children were the butt of all the jokes – so they learned to fight fire with fire and be feisty right back. A youngest child can both dish it out AND take it back – which makes them a lot of fun to be around, as long as your own skin isn’t too thin.

8. They don’t freak out if you don’t call for a day.

Youngest children are the masters of creating their own entertainment. They were often lost in the shuffle growing up and had to create vivid imaginary worlds for themselves to stay entertained. This is a habit they’ve carried into adulthood, which means they aren’t hanging off your every text or word – in fact, they may altogether forget that they’re dating you for hours to days at a time.

9. Their social skills are effortlessly on-point.

Youngest children learned to wheel, deal and charm with the best of them at a very young age. Their playful charisma has gotten them by for a very long time – which means you never have to stress about bringing them along to social events. They’ll form instant alliances with, well, pretty much everyone they meet, within the first ten minutes of meeting them.

10. They aren’t afraid to break a few rules to keep things interesting.

Youngest children grew up carefully observing the rules, so that they knew exactly which ones they could get away with breaking. They aren’t afraid to twist a few guidelines in order to keep things fresh and interesting – luckily, they’re also masters at wiggling their way out of trouble.

11. They’re top-notch communicators.

Youngest children quickly learned that they had to speak up in life in order to be acknowledged. As a result, they have no qualms about bringing up challenges or struggles within a relationship. They know that passive aggressiveness gets them nowhere – so they’re tirelessly direct when it comes to talking about what’s important.

12. There’s nothing they cannot make fun.

Growing up, youngest children never got to pick the plans – it was always about what their siblings were up to or what the pre-established family tradition was. So they learned to just go with the flow and enjoy whatever activity they were going to get dragged to anyway. Consequently, they still find a way to make pretty much anything fun as an adult.

13. They think outside the box.

It was never the job of the youngest child to play by the rules. They saw their older siblings take all the socially encouraged steps in life, and they made it their own personal mission to do the opposite. Youngest children are creative, outside-the-box thinkers, who have always refused to play by the rules.

14. They’re independent as hell.

Youngest children are tenacious little buggers. They grew up wanting to try everything out with their own two hands and it’s a habit they never outgrew. You don’t have to worry about youngest children becoming clingy or overly-needy in a relationship. They grew up fending for themselves and they plan on continuing to do so – it’s just a matter of whether or not you want to come along for the ride.