14 Lies I Would Tell If You Called Me Right Now


1. I haven’t thought about you in months.

2. I haven’t thought about you in weeks.

3. Of course I didn’t keep the box of our things. I tossed it on the back of a garbage truck and never thought twice. I waved goodbye and smiled, a devilish grin. A fun goodbye, of sorts.

4. Hearing your name doesn’t make me flinch. It’s like any other word. No different than ketchup. Stapler. Refrigerator. Absence. Loss. All just words. I don’t even think about it, really.

5. I’ve been happy.

6. I’m glad she’s wonderful.

7. You ended up with the right person.

8. I’d love to meet her. I bet you’ll wear a skinny tie and she’ll have on opaque tights and perfectly straight hair. I bet you both look like a Pinterest dream.

9. I’d love to be your friend.

10. I’d love to catch up and not kiss you at the end of our small talk filled lunch.

11. I sleep with a pillow in my arms and it has nothing to do with the space you left. I just like holding things.

12. I’ve been really happy.

13. My mom never asks about you.

14. I promise, I’ve been really happy.