14 Men Reveal The One Thing About Themselves They Think Women Would Be Surprised By


1. “That I do occasionally have a good cry. Men are physically capable of crying, despite what most women think.” —Xander, 26

2. “I’ve never had a one-night stand. Not my thing.” —Greg, 24

3. “That I think it’s actually refreshing when a girl asks me out. Why do girls think we don’t like that? If you can tell I’m into you, go for it. I don’t mind doing a little less work.” —Richie, 27

4. “I have insecurities about my appearance. Women aren’t the only people who think their nose is big or their thighs are fat, they just talk about it more. I’ve got an ugly giant nose and my calves look like hamburgers. I’ve got body issues too.” —Michael, 25

5. “I like when you text me first. I don’t think you’re being clingy…unless you are being clingy.” —Victor, 24

6. “I think about the future, and not just in terms of my career. Like how many kids I want to have and at what age I want to get married. I think a family will enhance my life, not make it miserable.” —Stephen, 26

7. “I love fashion, and it has nothing to do with my sexuality.” —Damien, 27

8. “That I like to cuddle. Not all guys just want to fuck and leave. Yeah, I want to fuck, but I also want you to lay in my arms with your head on my chest. You feel my heart beating? Good.” —Scott, 27

9. “I enjoy being clean. I like to wash my hair every day, have a clean shave, and smell good. Yes, I fart and burp and release other bodily fluids you’d describe as gross, but that doesn’t mean I’m dirty.” —Kevin, 24

10. “I have feelings, I just don’t always like to talk about them.” —Jeremy, 25

11. “I like a good chick flick from time to time. My all time favorite is How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, mostly because I want to marry Kate Hudson, but also because I have no shame in admitting I thoroughly enjoy watching it.” —Alec, 26

12. “I get my nails done every two weeks. It makes me feel good, and my hands are nice and soft.” —Chad, 27

13. “I don’t talk about the dirty details of my sex life with my buddies, especially if I’m in a relationship. Yes, I might occasionally talk about my dick or my balls, or how hot my girlfriend is, but I definitely don’t go into detail about what goes on in the bedroom. They don’t need to know that.” —Andrew, 28

14. “I hate strip clubs. I go with my friends just because they want to. I’m miserable the entire time and sadly (and weirdly) all I can think about is how I’d never want my sister doing something like that.” —Patrick, 27