14 People On The One Guilty Pleasure They’re Hiding From Their Partner


1. “Justin Bieber. I make fun of her for listening to him all the time, but goddamn it if his recent stuff isn’t catchy.”

—Chad, 23

2. “Taco Bell. My wife is super health conscious and makes sure that I’m watching my junk food intake (heart disease runs in my family). But I cannot resist. Pay in cash, and she’ll never know.”

—Greg, 35

3. “Chick flicks. I complain every time she asks to watch one on Netflix, but usually I can get a blow job afterwards for being a good sport. She doesn’t need to know that I’ve actually really wanted to see that movie too.”

—Jared, 27

4. “Ugh I read those steamy romance novels. They’re so cheesy and I can rarely get through one without laughing out loud or rolling my eyes, but dammit I can’t help myself. I read them on my Kindle, so whenever he sees me reading, he thinks I’m reading some classic novel, but really I’m reading about some sexy Scot taking a virgin on a bale of hay. It’s horrible/amazing.”

—Sophie, 28

5. “I don’t keep that kind of thing from my boyfriend? Secrets are really toxic for a relationship, so I don’t keep any if I don’t have to.”

—Kendra, 25

6. “Bubble bathssssssss! She thinks baths are gross, so I only take them when she’s at work or out of town. I don’t care if I’m sitting in my own filth, they’re f*cking relaxing.”

—Ron, 27

7. “I watch Real Housewives of Atlanta whenever I’m alone at the apartment. We’re both film majors, so I know that he would be seriously turned off if he knew that I watched that instead of like, Citizen Kane for the thousandth time.”

—Pamela, 21

8. “Her best friend. Oops.”


9. “Men with accents. One of my exes is British and I know that my boyfriend gets really insecure when I mention him, so if I mention that accents (and British one’s in particular) seriously turn me on, I know that it will start an argument. I’ll just listen to YouTube videos of Benedict Cumberbatch and Colin Firth when he’s not around.”

—Jamie, 30

10. “Hentai. On one of our first dates, she mentioned how weird she thought it was, and I haven’t been able to bring up how much I love it. Will most likely never tell her.”

—Tyler, 29

11. “I steal stuff from hotels all. the. time. My boyfriend’s dad is a cop, so he was raised to be really against everything like that, so I know that he would hate knowing this. I don’t steal from anywhere else, but there’s something about a hotel room that’s so… tempting.”

—Lanie, 24

12. “Celebrity tabloids. We’re tight on cash, so if he knew that I burn the occasional dollar on those, he would flip. They’re just so addicting.”

—Ramanveer, 29

13. “Hot Cheetos. He knows that I like them, but he has no idea how hooked I am. They’re my kryptonite.”

—Amy, 24

14. “I don’t feel guilty about any of the things I love? I LIKE TLC SHOWS AND I’M NOT AFRAID TO SAY IT.”

—Faith, 25