15 Reasons Male Anime Characters Make Ideal Boyfriends


Countless of times you ask yourself why but you seem to be unlucky in looking for someone as handsome as the man in your smartphone or as smart or as caring…as perfect! Good luck my dear.

Here are fifteen reasons why Anime Characters make ideal boyfriends and probably why you are still single… or stuck in a relationship but cheats on your partner with a 2D character.

1. Male anime protagonists can be insanely handsome

even when they have big eyes, pointy nose and thin lips. The way these characters stare at you from the screen of your computer or television makes you gooey inside you wonder how you can still stand. Their x-ray vision doesn’t creep you out as much as the guy next door.

2. Broad shoulders, slim waist, and long legs make good combination.

Exercise and daily training could have been the key but you know there is a special secret to their diet. Your colleague probably eats the same amount of food but fails to keep his belly tuck in his pants.

3. Their hairstyles make you want to bury your face and hands in them because they are simply amazing.

However unrealistic the styles can be, you still want to know their haircare secrets. Your friend’s brother has a unique hairstyle too but it looks weird on him.

4. Delicate hands can wield swords, fire guns, carry canons and punch thugs but you can imagine how delicate their fingers are.

Your neighbor has dirty nails and could use nail clippers

5. Their outfits are always on point.

You look around…and sigh.

6. Their serious voices make you want to go ‘kyaaaaa’ in seconds.

WARNING. Searching for their voice actors needs careful consideration as you won’t look at the characters the same way ever again.

7. Regardless of your weight and height, they can always carry and protect you.

You can imagine those arms shielding you from any enemy or hugging you to sleep.

8. They have useful talents

like playing pro tennis even though they are only in middle school, acting like a mafia boss in High School, and merely looking hot after they graduate. Some of them can even fly, go to other planets and save the world as their part-time job! What better candidate for an arm candy?

9. Their amazing healing powers are out of this world.

No matter what hit them or how grave their condition might be, they will always survive. Always. Try sticking a pin on your classmate’s hand and see if he has healing powers, too!

10. They have jaw-dropping rides.

Luffy of One Piece has Thousand Sunny Go, a pirate ship that can also fly (Coup de burst). Your boyfriend gives you a ride on his old Chevy. Oh well…

11. They have endless armory.

Those guns, swords, knives, and rose whips come from different parts of their bodies and even tennis balls and basketballs can be weapons to protect their loved-ones. Nope, carrying firearms is a serious offense in real life.

12. They are extremely loyal to a fault.

No doubt they love their female counterparts but even before realizing their love for each other male anime characters go all out to save a captured princess or comrade. They don’t doubt their friends’ words and will even swear an oath to support them. Meanwhile you need to check your boyfriend’s SNS and smartphone.

13. Their presents are so lovely,

they always figure out what their girlfriends’ want. May it be a kiss, a surprise date, a ring, flowers, or something symbolic, they can always touch your heart. On the other hand, on your anniversary you received… oh! Nothing.

14. They have interesting hobbies.

Anime characters spend their time reading or playing the violin, going to heaven and back or fixing gundams and you wonder why your boyfriend loves to play with monsters online.

15. Their charisma is irresistible.

You don’t care about their dark past, or whether he likes to eat human beings or ghoul! All you know is that when you look into his eyes, you will always be swept away.


When you love male anime characters, you don’t listen to people who remind you they aren’t real, or that their eyes are too big or that you have to grow up! You don’t care that they don’t have decent jobs or that their education and upbringing are questionable. Heck! You just shake your head and think they don’t understand; you always have to be the better person and you do what you always do: watch another episode.