14 Sexy Donuts You Absolutely Need In Your Life (And Mouth) On National Donut Day


In honor of another bullshit holiday being invented for people to go out and spend money on a particular food or beverage, here we have National Donut Day on June 3rd. Donuts are the king of fat treats so go enjoy yourselves you animals. Here are some sexy suggestions for you to mull over.

1. This krispy kreme realness proving you can’t beat a classic…

2. Donuts on donuts on donuts from the pros at donutscookiesandcream.

3. May be more of a cake, but say it with me: “Lemon Meringue Donut.”

4. The “donutccino” making your cool for the summer caramel frap look like a pussy. Available at Gossip Coffee!


5. Before instagram and food porn there was a website called thisiswhyyourefat.com (rip) that I used to troll during computer class, this is the stuff fat kid dreams are made of. Donut. Burger.

6. Slapping avocado on something does not make it healthy, food bloggers!!! Case in point:

7. For the pinterest crowd looking for a dignified donut to place on their #eaaatssss board.

8. Panda donuts. You know you can’t say no.


9. Gotta rep for Dunkin. Where you can get a free donut with any coffee tomorrow. I guess they caught on that they were losing money just giving donuts out.

10. Not to rep for the dunk again but this is my personal fave the munchkin in a goddamn tower. #doless #Imkindofscaredkindofimpressed


11. Nothing like some classic sprinkles filling up the entirety of the donut to satisfy your anxiety.


12. Galaxy donuts, the perfect lead into my favorite 3rd grade joke: Is your ass a planet? Because it’s out of this world.


13. When shark week hysteria reaches its fever pitch.

14. Donuts + ice cream + m and ms = bliss?

I hope you enjoy, I have enough donut suggestions for 2 donuts a day for a week, you savages. This is going to be me tomorrow.