14 Shy People On Their Go-To Move When Flirting With Their Crush


1. “I’ll give him a playful shove, maybe touch his arm, and then overanalyze everything and hate myself for the rest of the evening.”

— Juliet, 23

2. “I’m basically volunteer for anything and everything they need help with. Ride to the airport? I’m there. Moving a couch? I’ll bring my truck. Need a doormat? I mean, yes. That would be me. The success rate isn’t great, but that’s how I got my wife. It only needs to work once.”

— Doug, 32

3. “Is alcohol a move? I drink something strong and then talk to them.”

— Brian, 24

4.“I’ll text my crush about really dumb, but funny things. I pretty much try to move from being a really funny girl that he knows to a really funny girl that he hangs out with, and from there I make my final move: get drunk and kiss him. If he’s not interested, then so be it. I tried.”

— Lisa, 23

5. “Fake it til you make it. Pour every ounce of outgoing energy you have into flirting with them, then go crawl back into your shell once you’re home. Repeat forever until they love you.”

— Gina, 27

6.“Flirting? LOLOLOL I’ll make awkward eye contact until they either approach me or decide I’m a serial killer and run away.”

— Pamela, 21

7. “I make sure I’m the best f*cking listener they’ve ever encountered. I ask about their family, their career, everything. When their birthday rolls around, I make sure that my present is super thoughtful and refers to something that she told me about a while ago. My friends give me a hard time about all the effort I put into one woman that I’m not dating, but whatever. It works.”

— Hugh, 26

8. “Being a woman makes it really easy, I’m not gonna lie. I just have to look hot and guys will approach me. From there, I can kind of turn my shyness into a cute, mysterious thing. Guys actually love it.”

— Renée, 25

9. “Generally I just alternate between liking Facebook photos and faving tweets in the hopes that they’ll get the hint and talk to me. ‘Tis a lonely life I lead.”

— Olivia, 23

10. “Laugh at everything they say. I kind of had to make this my move because when I’m nervous I laugh like a maniac. Guys like it though, it strokes their ego a bit. When we’re dating I’ll kindly let him know which jokes are actually funny.”

— Sara, 22

11. “My major crush at the moment is a barista, so flirting generally consists of living in a constant state of over-caffeination. I’m there all the time. At this point, I pretty much know his schedule. It’s sad.”

— Kara, 20

12. “I become friends with her friends. If her friends already think I’m awesome, it’s like being pre-approved for a credit card. Half the work is done already.”

— Paul, 21

13. “I have a habit of crushing on coworkers, so I’ll usually bake something delicious (that I know they love) for the office and casually mention that I can make all sorts of yummy goodies. The best way to a man’s heart is through the stomach, right??”

— Abby, 25

14. “Just be genuine. Be interested in their interests. Sadly (but lucky for me), it’s the easiest way to stand out from the crowd.”

— Mark, 26