14 Reasons Negative People Really Need To Lighten Up


1. Negative people misunderstand positive thinking. They disregard people who try to be positive as foolish and naive. They think that positivity means suppressing or denying negative emotions, rather than accepting it as a daily part of life.

2. Negative people always compare. They are always comparing their worst with another’s best. They assume that materialism and external validation will make them happy, instead of love, wellness and purpose. They are not grateful for what they already have.

3. Negative people are self-absorbed. They wallow in their own misery and insignificant issues. They are completely oblivious of real problems, such as poverty, natural disasters, war, environmental issues and consumerism.

4. Negative people mistake pessimism for realism. They think that they are being realistic by seeing the glass as half empty, instead of half full. They think that they are being safe rather than cowardly by staying in their comfort zones.

5. Negative people do not actually want to find a solution. They prefer to whine and complain to whomever they can. They create crisis situations and needless drama to distract themselves and others from the real problem at hand.

6. Negative people stereotype. They stereotype races, genders, professions, people and places. They generalize situations to avoid facing the true complexity of human nature.

7. Negative people are needy. They look towards others for value addition to their lives, rather than an equal give and take. They enter professional and personal relationships with the mindset of what they can get from the other person.

8. Negative people give up too easily. They do not understand the merits of patience and persistence, and accept defeat too easily. They are scared of bruising their own egos for fear of rejection, so they do not even try.

9. Negative people are stuck in the past. They hold grudges and waste time regretting and blaming past failures. The past provides a ready excuse for why their present is the way it is.

10. Negative people are ungrateful. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence for them. They are focused on the negatives in their own lives. They always assume the worst possible scenario.

11. Negative people have an external locus of control. They are emotionally irresponsible, and have not worked on developing internal strength and maturity. They take credit for their successes and blame others for their failures.

12. Negative people assume the worst. They project unlikely scenarios into the future, predicting all the things that could go wrong. They prefer to see the worst in humanity rather than the good.

13. Negative people think that people cannot change. They view human nature as rigid, rather than flexible. This thought pattern validates their own sense of self, and gives them an excuse to remain in the status quo.

14. Negative people do not have faith in anything. They may appear to be superficially religious or spiritual, but they do not actually believe in anything. They do not even have faith in the power of their own dreams or themselves.