14 Signs You’re A Skeptical Idealist


1. You want the world to change, heal, and be a more peaceful place to live in, but you do not blindly rush into volatile debates about how it should be done and you’re distrustful of those who claim that implementing a new worldly system can be done without violence or chaos (because you understand that it is impossible for everyone to get along, strong opposition will be inevitable, and even more terrifying is that all opposing sides most likely would resort to violence to keep whatever power they’re holding onto).

2. You try to look for the good in people and believe that all are suffering from pain and coping in different ways, but you keep your distance out of fear of them betraying you, becoming indifferent towards you, going after someone who’s more interesting, or not seeing value in what you have to say.

3. Arguments that use only emotional appeal and evocative storytelling do not sway you easily, even though you are touched by them and don’t deny the extent of their power. You generally demand evidence and are more likely to believe in views that are backed up by proven facts and statistics without any biases.

4. Likewise, you find it difficult to be persuaded by people just because they are in a high position of authority, have credentials, or are affiliated with a certain group, sect, or faction. However, your idealistic side leads you to believe people more if they are lone wolves and independent thinkers that don’t need to hide behind their degrees, titles, affiliation with certain groups, or reputation to share valuable ideas.

5. You think a lot about the end of the world, conspiracy theories, economic collapse, a global conflict, and dark prophecies of the apocalypse, but you envision a brighter future with technology that will improve lives and a more efficient economic system comprised of innovative individuals that will do away with corruption and focus on working for a greater purpose.

6. You are both scientifically-minded and spiritual. You generally have created a way of thinking that somehow reconciles seemingly contradictory thoughts, core beliefs, and life principles to make you more self-aware, both in a physical manner and a transcendental manner.

7. You are zealous about radical transformation of your own life in order to live fully, but there still lies strong apathy within you because you question the validity of your own purpose and view yourself as insignificant and forgettable in the midst of the Universe.

8. You get overly critical whenever you see people attain anything resembling a dream life in just a few years, but you also admire them for being bold, persistent, and somehow transforming their lives into dreamy art.

9. You understand the need for gatekeepers and meeting certain standards, and think it is fair for only the most intelligent, wisest, and strongest to show their merits and ascend in society. Otherwise, life would be chaotic with all people thinking that they’re equally special and qualified for anything they want. However, within, you harbor a deep resentment for this as well, and you question the status quo in which people have to compete and achieve external achievements in order to show they’re worthy of a decent living and a voice.

10. When reflecting on the past, you judge your younger self harshly for the foolish things you’ve done, yet when envisioning the future, you look up to your future self and are in awe of how you would be able to evolve and grow more refined, wise, and graceful.

11. You are wary of anyone who tells you that everyone is unique and special, but at the same time, you believe that people ought to demonstrate the capability of expressing original thoughts and actively pursue things that they are best at, instead of settling for a life that’s influenced by external pressure.

12. You believe that there is no original thought and no new system of beliefs (just a watered-down and modernized rehash of everything that’s been practiced before), but you do think that a few people have the power to present their philosophical and spiritual views in a refreshingly novel way.

13. You think that living as if you’ll die in a few years is reckless and foolish because you want to be prepared for the long-term future and save for medical emergencies, but at the same time, you know that a long life isn’t guaranteed and putting off your goals for tomorrow will lead to a life full of monotony and regret.

14. You resent yourself for not being where you think you ought to be by now, so you catastrophize your own life situations, but deep down, you accept who you are and believe that you’ll survive and turn out just fine.