14 Signs You’re Actually In Love With Your Best Friend


1. You talk to them basically all day long. (And you never get tired of it).

They’re the person you text throughout the day at work to give you a little pick me up. They’re who you’re still texting long after you’ve been home, at the gym, getting ready for bed. You never get sick of talking to them. You always want more.

2. You want to share everything with them.

Whether it’s a plate of french fries or your dreams for the next year there’s nothing you don’t tell or share with them. They’re basically like a super awesome extension of you.

3. Your Instagram account is basically just a collection of pics of you two.

Actually, your entire photostream on your phone is just pics of the two of you together.

4. You don’t freak out over unanswered texts or the occasional cancelled plans with them.

Things are so comfortable with you two you just know that if something comes up or you don’t hear from them for a bit it’s totally fine. You don’t have to overthink anything with them or wonder if they like you. You already know they do. There’s no guesswork involved.

5. You’ve realized your best friend is actually just your favorite human. Ever.

There’s nothing about them you don’t love. They’re your favorite. Your #1. You’re not sure if anyone else could take their place in your life.

6. Your ideal Friday nights is whatever you and your best friend decide to do.

It could be just hanging on the couch watching something on Netflix or it could be going out for an awesome dinner. Your plan is that there is no season. As long as they’re with you you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

7. It’s never too late to talk.

If it’s 9 p.m. and you haven’t heard from them all day you just feel off. You wonder about how their day went, if they had to deal with that annoying person in the office, what they ended up doing after work. You like knowing the mundane details of their every day life.

8. You’ve become so close it’s kinda ridiculous.

You can finish each other sentences or you get a weird feeling then find out something bad happened to them. Sometimes you even end up wearing a similar outfit. You two are so in tune it’s kind of freaky.

9. They’re the only person you want to snuggle up with and watch TV.

Your best friend + snuggles can sometimes be the only thing you need after a hard day.

10. You guys celebrate both the big and small moments in life.

Hey, maybe you got an A on your senior thesis or maybe you’ve finally scored that promotion you’ve been working hard to get for months. It doesn’t really matter how insignificant it could seem to someone else, your best friend loves to celebrate all the milestones and accomplishments in your life, and you do the same for them. It’s an awesome feeling to know you always have someone there for you.

11. Some people want to go on vacation with their significant other.

You’d rather go with your best friend.

12. You cancel plans if it means you get the chance to hang out with them.

It doesn’t really matter what else is going on, if your best friend needs you or wants to hang, you’ll be there. You’ve even been known to ditch dates to be with them.

13. When you think about your future they’re one of the only concrete things in it.

Jobs, addresses, significant others, these are all things that come and go throughout the years but the one thing you know will remain constant is your relationship with your best friend. You can’t imagine life without them.

14. People have called you out for being a cute couple.

You’ve been out with friends or just getting drinks at a bar and someone has made a comment about how cute you two are together.