14 Struggles Every Pushover Understands


1. If a restaurant gets your order wrong, you don’t want to bother correcting them so you’ll wind up eating a meal you weren’t necessarily craving. You may even try to convince yourself that you kind of wanted to try something different anyway, to spread fog across the somewhat shameful fact that you aren’t at all handling the situation like a normal person would.

2. You don’t like letting people borrow your belongings because if they aren’t returned after a reasonable amount of time, you somehow feel obnoxious having to ask for them back. God forbid you have to request ‘em a second or third time — you’ll feel like a complete monster.

3. The word “no” has yet to solidify a spot in your vocabulary even after all these years of life. Maybe, possibly, perhaps, we’ll see, and I’ll let you know are all terms & phrases you use instead of a good old fashioned, honest “no.”

4. “Never again!” is basically your slogan when someone does you wrong, but deep down you know you’d struggle to not be there for a person who needs you. Holding grudges for longer than 15 minutes just isn’t something you’re capable of.

5. At some point in your years of school, you completed 100% of a group project all by your lonesome. In your defense, this may’ve been in large part because you didn’t trust the intelligence or work ethic of others when it came to your grades.

6. You find yourself apologizing when you know you did nothing wrong. It can be unhealthy if the people at fault are always let off the hook and you actually begin blaming yourself for everything, automatically.

7. Persistent salespeople are your nightmare because you have such a hard time rejecting their pitches. There’s a good chance you’ll be persuaded to buy something that you don’t particularly want or need.

8. To piggyback on the previous point, when shopping in the mall you’re willing to take the scenic route to avoid the various kiosk employees who are basically panhandling for your business. This is easier than feeling impolite for ignoring the desperate pleas of “What phone service do you have?” and “Would you like to try this skin product?

9. Even when people are rude to you, you’ll try to kill them with kindness. If they still aren’t nice back, you’ll try even harder because you like to be liked and hate to be hated.

10. You always want to avoid confrontation so you’ll let big and small stuff slide to avoid even slightly hostile interaction. Anything from calling out a stranger for cutting you in line to questioning a friend for breaking your belonging – you’ll bite your tongue as often as possible.

11. On the road you have trouble honking your horn at bad drivers, even if they deserve it. Also, if a car needs to turn onto the road in heavy traffic and you can allow them the opportunity, you’ll wave ‘em in and hesitate as a pushy second and third vehicle turn as well, taking full advantage of your kindness.

12. You’ve learned from an abundance of firsthand experience that you’re living on the wrong planet for spineless patsies. You know that closed mouths don’t get fed, but when you’re feeling malnourished it takes a conscious effort for you to speak up for yourself.

13. When you do speak up for or defend yourself, it’s a massive eruption because you’ve held so much in for so long. Then you feel terrible about going off on someone, and onlookers are shocked because they’ve never seen you act even remotely irritable.

14. You never get the last slice, bite, scoop, dip, or piece of any food.