14 Struggles Super Creative But Not Artistically Talented People Understand


1. You’ve got so many ideas. SO MANY IDEAS! But then you try to execute them and… well. It definitely looks like an execution.

2. “It’s got character” is somewhat of a catchphrase with you, because of how often you find yourself justifying your latest creation/trainwreck to other people.

3. People assume that since you’re so imaginative, you MUST be a decent artist. But… no.

4. Which makes games like Pictionary highly awkward and something you avoid as often as possible.

5. When you do try your hand at drawing something, people look at it and laugh, because it looks so bad that there’s no way you drew that seriously…. So you just laugh, and say that you totally drew horribly on purpose. Duh.

6. ….. But that was legitimately the best you could do.

7. Like a true creative person, you didn’t let your shortcomings hold you back, and you made Drawing-Like-A-Three-Year-Old-Who-Lost-Half-Their-Fingers-In-A-Freak-Accident your “thing” as a way to mask your lack of drawing skills.

8. In high school art class, you always bit off more than you could chew, because of your overactive imagination. If you had to make a ceramic jar, the timeline usually looked something like this:

You at the beginning of The Project: It’s going to be a replica of the TARDIS from Doctor Who and then on the inside I’m going to line it with reflective paper so that when you open it, it looks bigger on the inside!

You at the end of The Project: It’s… blue?

9. The only doodling you can really do well is geometric doodling, because squares and triangles and diagonal lines are pretty much your artistic limits.

10. You get insanely jealous when you watch other people sketch something and it’s just beautiful in seconds. In fact, you’re fairly sure this is how the Salem Witch Trials began.

11. You have dozens of half-finished craft projects scattered around your place, because you realized that embroidery is definitely not your calling, but you still have hope that one day you’ll return to it and discover that wait, yes, you ARE good at it!

12. You try and make collages out of cut up magazines, because how hard can that be? Answer: harder than you thought. Seriously, what’s the secret to arranging those pictures nicely?

13. You often feel like a choreographer with two left feet… except you’re an artist with two left hands (this simile only works if you’re naturally right handed, so reverse it if you’re a lefty. BUT THE POINT REMAINS THAT YOUR PHYSICAL CAPABILITIES JUST DON’T MATCH UP WITH YOUR AMBITIONS).

14. Every once in a while, you’ll get the urge to try your hand at drawing again, and everything will be going decently… and then hands. You try and draw the figure’s hands, and it causes enough stress to shave a few years off your life.

15. As a result, all people in your drawings just happen to have their hands tucked behind their back or in their pockets.