14 Things Girls Who Grew Up Competing In Beauty Pageants Know To Be True


1. Um, first of all, it’s a SCHOLARSHIP program.

2. No, but like, really.

3. Yes, mean girls do exist. But it’s not as catty as everyone expects. The girls you compete with become your closest friends and people you share unbreakable bonds with.

4. Seeing your friend win is honestly amazing. Even if you wanted to win.

5. You know how to spin even the most negative question into a positive answer.

6. Interviews are your JAM. You can rock one blindfolded without breaking a sweat.

7. Butt glue is God’s gift to us all.

8. There is a major difference in competition swim suits and swim suits you’d actually wear to swim. (Aka $$$)

9. You consider Miss America and Miss USA national holidays.

10. “Airbrushed abs” are a thing and you’re not gonna lie, it sounds APPEALING. Don’t mind me, just here eating tacos and getting my fake abs in a minute, boo.

11. Embracing yourself, and loving yourself, is empowering as hell and actually a major thing that can come out of pageants, believe it or not.

12. Sounds simple, but being kind goes a looooong way.

13. Scoring that perfect “natural look” still involves make up. And those effortlessly humble #nomakeup posts are rarely #nomakeup.

14. You know that, despite the stereotype, pageant girls are some of the most brilliant, dedicated, hard-working young women you’ve ever known. They are talented, service-oriented, and always striving to be a better version of themselves. And that in itself is pretty damn inspiring.