14 Things Only People Born In 1985 Understand


“My 30th birthday will be arriving in a few months. It’s not arriving unexpectedly, I just wish it would have given me more of an advance notice, say another 30 years.” – Jarod Kintz

1. This is the year you turn 30. Thirty! What the hell? You’re either blissfully okay with it all and embrace aging or you’re the complete opposite and have been experiencing anxiety attacks on the regular.

2. Even if you’re not “freaking out” and you feel pretty chill about it all you still feel like you’re in a transitional period. You’ve begun thinking about what you want this next stage of your life to be. Do you want to travel and be free of most of your responsibilities? Do you want to actually settle down? Should you get a puppy, have a baby, buy a house, change careers? So many things to think about!

3.You see the way children are growing up basically living on screens now and you feel appreciative you didn’t have that kind of technology around yet. You came of age when the internet was just becoming a thing and the dial up speeds were so slow there was no way you could have lived on your computer like people do now.

4. Working at the video store or movie theater was the shit back in the day but now the “cool jobs” people had as teens when you were growing up aren’t that cool, or existent, anymore.

5. Everyone else your age seems to be coupled up and in a long-term relationship or bitterly single. It almost feels like there is no in-between.

6. When people ask to check your I.D. you’re no longer offended they don’t believe you’re 21, but instead you’re like, “Oh damn, do I look that young? Sweet.”

7. You’ve either finally seen your first gray hair or you’re starting to get more. And why do they say they’re gray when they’re actually just straight up WHITE?

8. And aside from those gray/white hairs you’re starting to see more signs of aging – wrinkles where they didn’t used to be, laugh lines, crow’s feet. For the first time in your life you feel like you’re starting to actually look old.

9. You know you’re at the age now where  you can no longer pretend to have the same metabolism as you did in your early-mid 20s. You’ve accepted (or maybe you’re still in denial) the fact that you need to adopt a regular exercise routine and a somewhat healthy diet to not feel awful all the time.

10. If you’re single, you’ve started thinking more about where you stand on marriage and kids. The older you get you realize these 2 issues are only going to become more prominent in your dating life as this is the prime time for finding someone and settling down.

11. You also realize you’re in the age range now where it’s totally normal to meet people who have already been divorced or have had children by now, which means you could be someone’s step-mom or dad. Kinda weird, right?

12. When you meet someone who says they were born in the early-mid 90s and you realize they’re actually a fully formed adult now you’re like w a h t? You have a hard time accepting you’re so old now that kids born in the 90s aren’t still kids, but like people that can sign leases and legally drink.

13. Even though you’re technically considered a millennial you feel like you’re stuck somewhere between Gen X and Gen Y. You still have some outdated habits, like listening to CDs all the way through, and anytime a magazine or website does one of those articles about your generation you never really feel like they’re talking about you.

14. You still feel like the early-mid 2000s happened only yesterday. So when someone plays one of your favorite songs from college and you’re faced with the realization that song came out almost 10 years ago or more it’s like, wait, what?