14 Things Only People Obsessed With Dancing Understand


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1. You are the first one to hit the dance floor. “But…nobody else is dancing!” Your friends shout in the distance as you make your way up, shaking what your mama gave ya. You don’t need a crowd to do your thing.

2. You’re also the last one to leave the dance floor. The DJs are basically packing up. Show’s over! Go home! Last call! But your body just isn’t done shaking it off yet.

3. You are guilty (on more than one occasion) of getting overhyped when the radio starts playing a song you like.“OH MY GOD, THIS IS MY SHIT!” And cue the dance party, much to the amusement of drivers next to you sitting in traffic.

4. You have a tendency to annoy your non-dancing friends. Because when someone with you doesn’t want to dance? It seems to fuel a desire to get them into it even more. You drape your arms around them, swinging back and forth, and they’re kind of just like, “Yeah, okay. I love you, but stop touching me.”

5. Household chores take twice as long because you turn it into your own episode of So You Think You Can Dance?

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6. You consider yourself a professionally trained dancer. If by “professionally trained” you mean “practices with a hair brush as a microphone in front of the mirror all throughout middle school…and high school…and college.”

7. You ABSOLUTELY have a signature dance move. And people know it’s business time when you bust it out.

8. It’s not uncommon for people to walk in on you dancing your lil’ heart out.

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9. You’re pretty sure Billy Idol wrote “Dancing With Myself” for you.

10. You form immediate and unbreakable bonds when meeting other dancing fools.

11. You’ve fantasized doing the Dirty Dancing lift with your crush. (PS – as someone who has actually done it, it kind of hurts and isn’t as sexual as you expect it to be)

12. You’ve spent hours watching dance tutorials on YouTube trying to learn Beyoncé choreography. You still remember all the moves to “Single Ladies.”

13. Your mood is directly influenced by whatever music is currently playing and if you can bop around to it.

14. And on days everything around you seems to suck, you know the solution. Put in your headphones. Turn that volume up. And dance until life makes sense again. Or until someone kindly asks you to stop because it’s distracting to do in the workplace.

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