14 Things Only Ridiculously Naïve Girls Will Understand


1. You’re constantly saying allegedly dirty things without realizing you’ve said something inappropriate until someone reacts with an expression of shock or amusement. Oops.

2. You’ve done something terribly rebellious and then told a friend about it, only to watch them burst into laughter. Maybe it wasn’t as rebellious as you thought…

3. You’ve been accused of leading men on by unintentionally giving them “I want you signals.” You’ve grudgingly accepted that you’ll never understand exactly what an “I want you signal” is.

4. On that note, you worry whether your cluelessness translates to insensitivity when you fail to pick up on the “I want you signals” of others. The last time you were asked out, your friends rolled their eyes and lectured you on how very expected the unexpected occurrence was.

5. You’ve been fooled by every internet hoax that has come your way, from chain letter emails about escaped serial killers that left you traumatized for days, to sneaky little viruses disguised as free boat cruises.

6. You don’t have a password on your phone, or you have a ridiculously easy password like “1234.”

7. You’ve recently received the “don’t talk to strangers” lecture after trying to befriend someone whom your friends described as a “ridiculously sketchy.”

8. You blindly follow orders from anyone in an official-looking uniform.

9. You own a collection of products that you were convinced to buy by people at kiosks in shopping centres. None of the said products have lived up to their vendors’ promises.

10. After you’ve said something very serious, someone has smiled at you, patted your head, and called you “cute.” You’ll never know why.

11. You find yourself wondering whether you paid enough attention during Sex Ed class. Everyone around you seems to know a lot more than you do. Cooties are real, right?

12. When people aren’t nice to you, you grow confused and wonder why they don’t like you. Isn’t everyone a friendly unicorn?

13. You frequently play therapist to your friends due to your “nothing can go wrong” outlook on life.

14. At the end of the day, no matter how much cynicism comes your way, you’ll always be a dreamer. You know that everyone deserves a chance to be trusted, because when you have a little faith (or a lot of it), your world is always full of hope and possibility.

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