14 Things That Happen When You’re In A Class With Your Best Friend


1. Uncontrollable laughing. So much uncontrollable laughing. It could be at anything. Just the fact that the lecture is insufferably boring is enough to get the two of you laughing for a solid ten minutes.

2. And then you finally get yourselves under control, turn back to focus, and a single look in each other’s direction will send you into hysterics all over again.

3. You’ll both pick out your class crushes, and make sure to wingman for each other any chance you get. They’ll make sure you just happen to sit next to that Poli Sci major you’ve been staring at all semester.

4. Late night study sessions turn into nights of shenanigans and a tiny bit of studying.

5. If the professor or TA is attractive, then neither of you are getting anything done in that class ever, because you’re too busy messaging each other, fighting over which of you deserves dibs.

6. You will procrastinate together, and that will somehow make it okay. You’ll both sit down to write those papers that are due soon, and one of you will mention the possibility of a quick Friends break, and the other one of you will completely justify why that’s a fantastic and completely logical idea.

7. Falling asleep in class is a coin toss. Your friend will either cover for you, and make sure to nudge you awake if the professor notices the string of Zzzzzzz’s coming from your seat, or they will watch in amusement as the professor tries to get your attention.

8. Either way, they will also post a photo of you sleeping to Instagram, so everyone can share in their fun.

9. You will find that one irritating person that insists on asking a question thirty seconds before class ends and the two of you will unreasonably hate them for the rest of the semester. Every time that person so much as coughs, the two of you will exchange glances that scream, This bitch, amiright?? It’s not very healthy, but it definitely brings the two of you closer together.

10. If one of you doesn’t go, there’s a strong possibility that the other person won’t go simply because they’re going to feel super lonely without you there.

11. But then you convince them to go without you, because how else are you going to get the notes.

12. As a result, you’re fluent in their notes shorthand, and can read their handwriting at its messiest.

13. Group projects are no longer a burden! You know that you have at least one person in your group that will do their share (or at the very least, you’re comfortable enough with each other to call them out when they’re being lazy).

14. You’ve planned the murder of the super smart genius that demolishes every single curve. I mean, neither of you are serious. Right? Definitely not. Right?? Brb.