14 Things That Inevitably Happen When You’re Dating A Pop Culture Junkie


1. The movie quotes. Never. Ever. Stop. It’s almost a condition. Half the time they aren’t even aware it’s happening. And frankly, my dear, they don’t give a damn.

2. They’re going to obsess over forgetting the name of that ONE ACTOR IN ALL THOSE SHOWS. Sure, you’ll be ready to let it go within two seconds, but ohhhhh, not them. They need to immediately IMDB that shit or it will haunt them for hours.

3. Prepare for their utter disbelief when they discover you haven’t seen/heard that movie/TV show/song they absolutely adore. “WHAT? Oh my god. We’re changing that NOW!”

4. And when they do show you, they will be a huge nervous mess hoping you love it just as much.

5. Halloween is a big effing deal.

6. Actually, any event that involves the possibility of dressing up as their favorite character or Hollywood icon is a big effing deal.

7. But good news! You’ll never be in short supply for costume ideas when you’ve got them around.

8. Two words: Trivia. Night.

9. Don’t be surprised if they get a little weirdly jealous when a musician they feel they discovered (even though, lol, they didn’t) starts becoming really popular. They understand it’s petty and stupid, but…but…THEY LIKED THEM FIRST!

10. Do not even try to talk to them in a movie theater. This is a cardinal sin. Like, what are you doing anyways? SHHH. THE MOVIE IS PLAYING.

11. Award season is pretty much their Super Bowl — complete with predicted winners, high-stake bets, and cheering/booing/maybe even some crying. It’s not their fault those speeches can be so emotional…

12. They are constantly finding celebrity doppelg√§ngers. Your best friend’s girlfriend? Looks just like a young Gwen Stefani. That man in the suit behind you in the grocery store? Dead ringer for Alec Baldwin. Probably even have some ideas about who you slightly resemble.

13. They always reference moments from TV shows in real life. Want to test it out? Try moving a couch together. Very good chance they’ll start shouting PIIIIIVOOOOOT.

14. They go into a very serious mourning period when their favorite TV show ends. It’s a death in the family. And they don’t understand why their boss doesn’t seem to agree…