14 Things To Do When You’re Stuck In A Total Funk


Being in a funk is totally normal from time to time; it’s actually unrealistic to wake up in a kick ass mood everyday. Funks happens to the best of us. We wonder if we’re on the right track, we start thinking of how we could have done something better five years ago just because.

We get filled with an over powering sadness and get discouraged for sometimes no reason at all. We don’t feel like we’re living to the best of our ability, or that we aren’t creative enough, or that we aren’t where we’re supposed to be. While all these feelings are real and their valid, keep in mind there is nothing wrong with you, you’re just in a funk, but you will overcome these feelings.

1. Take responsibility for your actions.
If you did something that you think initiated the funk you’re in, own up to it and stop letting it control you.

2. Choose happiness.
There are times when we could be happy, but we choose not to be. I’ve made myself miserable at times simply because I didn’t want to be somewhere or doing something and I prevented myself from giving it a chance and having fun.

3. Live in the now.
Stop thinking about ways you could have done better in the past because it’s over and you can’t fix the choices you made then. Don’t worry about the future; it will only make you anxious of all that’s still to come. Live in the present and you will be at peace with your life.

4. Stop complaining.
Life isn’t fair for anyone, because it isn’t supposed to be. Life doesn’t owe you a thing. Stop complaining about why something happened to you, why life isn’t fair to you or anything along those lines because it won’t change anything. When you can’t change your circumstance, change your attitude.

5. Exercise.
Move your body and sweat, work outs might not be fun while you’re doing them, but I can promise there has never been a work out where I haven’t felt better physically and emotionally afterwards.

6. Go for a walk.
Walking and breathing in fresh air totally helps you think and if you need, bring a friend to help you open up about the feelings you’ve been having. Social therapy is a good thing and it can help start getting you out of your funk.

7. Do something out of your comfort zone.
Go skydiving, go scuba diving, ride a roller coaster, hold a snake. Do something, anything, that is out of your comfort zone, something that will make you feel alive with a good fear and butterflies.

8. Declutter your life.
Use your funk to be productive and start cleaning out all the unnecessary garbage in your life that might be weighing you down. Start minimalizing your life; it could be the change you need to start feeling more free and uplifted.

9. Use your funk to motivate creativity.
Whatever your type of creativity is, use the funk to inspire something brilliant. Write a poem or an article about whatever is weighing you down. Create something out of clay or old art supplies you have around the house. Draw and don’t stop drawing until you’ve created your ‘perfect’ masterpiece. Pour your emotions out in a creative form.

10. Thank the important people in your life.
Seriously, just send a quick text to your best friend, mom and/or dad, your S/O, basically anyone who positively impacts your life on a normal basis. Thank them for all they do and you going out of your way to randomly thank them for being so awesome will in turn lift your spirits knowing you are making their day a little bit better.

11. Thank life in general.
Thank life for where you are, thank it for having a roof over your head and food to eat. Thank it for the clothes you’re wearing and the clothes you have in your closet. Thank it for your health and your company. Think of all the problems you really could have and thank it because you don’t have those problems. Realize how blessed you are and be thankful.

12. Get out in the world.
Don’t hide away in your room under your covers, as nice as that may seem it’s definitely not as great as being out in the world and being social. As humans we need human connection, so don’t hide from it! Let it help you.

13. Meditate.
If it’s not something you think you can do, I promise you can. There is even an app for it. Just sit down, breathe and clear your mind. It takes practice, but you can and will get there if you work at it, and it will make worlds of difference.

14. Realize life isn’t that serious.
When you think of life do you have your best memories when you were out having fun with the important people in your life? Maybe away on a vacation or just a day spent at home with family? Those are the times that come to my mind; not days at work, not while I’m at a meeting and not while I’m doing something I didn’t want to do in the first place, but was required to do so. Go out, have fun, whatever your definition of fun is, and laugh your ass off, have a good time. Don’t take life so seriously you forget to have fun.