14 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski


1. He used to be the personal chef for Ted Allen, the food and wine expert from the original Queer Eye

The two lived in the same neighborhood and became friends, which eventually led to Porowski’s casting on the show.

2. He’s fluent in three languages

Growing up in Canada, it’s no surprise that Antoni can speak both French and English. But what most people don’t know is that he also grew up speaking Polish, as his parents were immigrants from Poland.

3. He’s been with his current partner for 6+ years

Sorry, ladies and gents, but Antoni has been off the market for a while. And yes, they’re both attractive af. He and his partner, Joey Krietemeyer, deal vintage furniture together.

4. He’s an actor (though you may not have seen him in anything besides Queer Eye)

Antoni struggled to find roles, but he did manage to land a few. You may have seen him in movies Elliot Loves, Daddy’s Boy and The Pretenders or in the “Monarch Douglas Bank” episode of the TV show The Blacklist.

5. He’s “old school” when it comes to sexuality

He told GQ: “My sexuality’s something that’s intimate. It’s not anything that I’m ashamed of. I don’t know many people who have a path similar to mine, so I’ve always been a little more reticent to be as open about it. I’m also not somebody who talks about sexuality that much. I’m a little old school in that sense.”

6. He has a background in psychology

Despite being Queer Eye’s food and wine expert, he actually never went to culinary school.  In fact, he actually got his Bachelor’s degree in psychology, which may be one of the reasons he’s so understanding of the people he helps on the show.

7. But he did work in the restaurant industry for a long time

Aside from being Ted Allen’s personal chef for two or three years, he also worked as a busboy at a family-owned Polish restaurants, a sommelier, and a manager at a sushi restaurant.

8. He’s not actually that into avocados

Even though it seemed like we always saw Antoni shopping for the Millennial veggie staple, he set the record straight in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “Just for the record, I know I use it in two of the episodes — I’m not that avocado crazy. I enjoy it, but by no means is it a staple or a must-have in my kitchen.”

9. He used to secretly watch the original Queer Eye when he was a kid

He wasn’t a superfan by any means, but he did find himself watching the show over his sister’s shoulder or turning it on when he was by himself. He said there was a reason for his secrecy: “I don’t think I knew that I was gay at the time, but I felt like there was something mysterious and taboo-ish about it, even though I wasn’t even raised in a homophobic household.”

10. He’s a book nerd, just like the rest of us

If you scroll through his Instagram, you’ll notice there are tons of photos where he’s casually lounging around and reading a book. He also admitted he owns several A Little Life t-shirts, and that they’re some of his favorite articles of clothing to wear. In fact, he called the beautifully tragic book an important piece of his life.

11. Yes, he can actually cook

Antoni has been criticized for the incredibly simple meals he helps people on the show prepare, and it doesn’t help that he’s open about the fact that he’s never been to culinary school. He explained that on the show, he kept everything elementary in the kitchen for a reason: “It’s not a cooking show. It’s not about my skillset. It’s about figuring out how we can contribute to the lives of these people in a very short amount of time.”

12. He’s ex-roommates and close friends with PJ Vogt, the host of the podcast Reply All


PJ is, according to himself, the “first slovenly straight person to receive food guidance” from Antoni.

13. He’s an indie rock king

The Strokes, The National, and Arcade Fire are among some of his favorite musicians. You can even see him rocking some band shirts throughout the show.

14. He’s 100% a John Mayer look alike, and he knows it

If you spent the whole show wondering why Antoni looks familiar, it’s because he’s basically a spitting image of John Mayer. The best part? Antoni definitely knows it, and he thinks it’s hilarious. He posted this tasteful Instagram to prove it, captioning the photo: “I dunno, guys, I just don’t see it.” Sorry, Antoni, you can’t fool us.