14 Timeless Lessons You Can Learn From No Matter What Stage Of Life You’re In Right Now


1. There is a force or power in this universe that is much greater than us.

A man can be brilliant, looked up by many, revered to in his line of work, respected for his achievements, be a ruler of mankind, and still kneel down in humility to pray to a God he has never seen. A truly wise man knows that everything that has happened to him are partly because of the powerful, invisible forces in the universe. No man is really ever above the world.

2. How You React To Situations Determines The Outcome.

Had a bad day? Check if you have control over your emotions. If not, try to master them. Teach yourself to think before you decide on anything. A bad situation does not always equal worst outcome ever. There are two ways to react, as there are also two outcomes, to every situation: negative or positive. They have a directly proportional relationship.

3. Read Good Books. Textbook Education Can Only Get You So Far.

A college education gets you a degree and lands you a high-paying job. Don’t forever rely on what you’ve been taught in school and expect that things will remain the way they are. Read good books that inspire and innovate. They will give you a kind of wisdom you can’t learn from teachers alone.

4. Family, Above All.

Family is one aspect of your life that you cannot take for granted. Estrange yourself from them for too long, and they may no longer be around to hear you say what you should have said to them often. You are in possession of the one most expensive asset you can give your family: your time.

6. If You Believe You Can, You Will

You’ve had this powerful weapon built inside you since you were born. You’ve created, invented, planned, and materialized goals with that powerhouse that’s living inside your head. It’s called the mind. And it is super powerful.

7. Surround Yourself With People Far Greater Than Yourself.

If you want to be truly successful, seek the advice and guidance of those who have reached the pinnacle of their own success. You will feel like a misfit amidst such an accomplished crowd, but every day you are learning and reaching greater heights than when you were hanging around with people of the same level as you. Truly successful people empower others to be successful like them.
Hang out with the eagles and fly, they say.

8. Keep Being A Child At Heart

Do not take the world too seriously. Smile. Laugh out loud. Play in the sun. Dance in the rain. Chase your passions. Love wholeheartedly.

9. Do Not Withhold Giving Compliments To The Truly Deserving

Give genuine compliments. If you are impressed by something or someone, marvel at the object or give that person a pat on the back for being wonderful. Don’t go on saying things you don’t mean to people you’re just trying to please. People can sense fake flattery, but genuine compliments warm the heart and leave lasting impressions on a person.

10. Make Good, Lasting Connections With The Right People

Choose the friends you’d think would share their time with you on your death bed. Let go of toxic relationships that dampen the soul and strengthen your bonds with real friends who love you, no matter how few.

11. Cubicle Work Is Not For Long Term

Value the job but do not make it your lifetime or your lifeline. Work as smart as you can while you are young, and save up for an early retirement. Set up a business or travel the world. You must set a deadline for when you should stop working that 8-5 shift, leave it on its own for too long and it will control your life.

12. Do Not Belittle Anyone Of Any Status

That person may be homeless, uneducated, jobless, rowdy, or just harsh but it does not give you any right to downgrade him or her. We can’t pass judgment on someone unless you are living his or her life.

13. Heed the Advice Of Those Older Than You

There is a reason why people tend to equate graying hair with wisdom. Experience. It is what the youth lack and what the elders are abundant of. Most life teachings never get old so try to learn a thing or two from them. Respect them and listen to what they have to say.

14. Take Accountability And Accept That You Made A Mistake

Take risks, make informed choices, and go set forth to implement your plans. Failure is inevitable but life makes it harder on you if you take on the blaming game. Accept your mistake early on and forgive yourself. That way, you don’t leave Plan B hanging for too long.