14 Types Of Guys You Date In A Big City


1. The workaholic. The one who is always working or traveling for work and has five different side projects and he is also helping his friends with their start-up. He’s also really into stocks and selling properties on the side. This guy will either always be working so you won’t see him or he will always talk about his work when you’re together.

2. The newbie. The one who just moved to the city and is overfriendly because he is trying to make a lot of new friends, he is dating to make friends not to be in a relationship. He uses every date as an opportunity to know more about the city, about the people and about the cost of living in different neighborhoods.

3. The f*ckboy. This guy is all over the dating apps and probably knows a lot of people in the city, he’s super charming, popular and sweeps women off their feet but he has ‘commitment issues’ or is not looking for anything more than friendship, yet he is ready to sleep with you any time.

4. The guy who is just too good for anyone. He is either a doctor or a lawyer with a fancy education and a fancy car, he’s super picky and doesn’t really see himself settling down with anyone – ever. He’s probably in his early to mid-thirties and will forever be single and too good for anyone.

5. The artist. He’s the creative genius trying to break the mold, he’s passionate and curious but he is also always distracted and could pack everything he has and leave tomorrow to pursue his dream. He lives in unpredictability and uncertainty and he won’t be able to commit before he ‘makes’ it.

6. The international love affair. The lost boy who misses home but at the same time is trying to fit in, he is looking for more of his people and will always feel like he doesn’t belong, but he knows he’s exotic and wants to be the one exotic fling you’ll remember.

7. The older man. The older man who is probably divorced with kids but he still goes out and dates like a 20 year old. He will lure you in with his maturity and experience but the date will end up being more like a lecture about life and lessons in wisdom.

8. The ghoster. The guy who just can’t confront women and can’t figure out what he wants, he’s confused about his life and himself, he doesn’t know why he showed interest in someone in the first place so he dates a lot of women and ghosts them hoping he doesn’t run into any of them.

9. The guy with too many female friends. He probably doesn’t have any guy friends, he’s always hanging out with his girlfriends, taking trips with them and taking care of them when they’re drunk, they’re always calling him to ask for advice or chilling at his place all the time. He says that they’re all like his sisters and that it’s strictly platonic.

10. The one who can’t get over his ex. The guy who keeps dating to forget his ex but can’t, he goes out and drinks too much and tries to like other girls but then realizes that he misses his ex and he wants her back.

11. The Mama’s boy. The guy probably still lives with his mom or he is always with her, his mom is involved in 99% of his decisions and he tells her everything. If you’re competing with a mother, run.

12. The temp. The one who is only in the city for a few months for work or personal reasons and just wants to have a good time until he goes back home.

13. The one who is very ready. The guy who is ready to meet the parents and put a ring on it from the first date, he is probably accomplished and has his shit together so he is looking for an immediate wife instead of getting to know someone.

14. The ‘timing’ guy. The guy who can’t find anything wrong with you or your dates and he is enjoying your company just as much as you’re enjoying his, but it’s just not the ‘right time’ for him. It’s always a bad time or the wrong time for him to be with anyone. He’s the right guy at the wrong time for any girl he dates.