14 Ways In Which I Miss You


1. There’s the kind of miss that sits on both sides of my shoulders and how I wish shrugging would help make it go away, but it doesn’t.

2. Another that’s the “see you soon” kind of miss that keeps me hopeful and thinking that “soon” could mean the second right after you’ve left.

3. The kind that happens at 4:37 in the afternoon when a song comes on the radio and I think about you because it happened to be ours.

4. The kind where they say missing you is silly, and well, I guess I “silly” you now more than ever.

5. The kind that leaves me sad and helpless because the only thing I know how is to miss you more and more and I can’t and I don’t do much else.

6. The kind where I’m angry at nothing because distance isn’t someone I can scream at.

7. The kind of unwanted reminder that whispers your name over and over and I am constantly reminded that true I do have you to miss, but that I don’t like having to miss you at all.

8. The kind that seems unending, not quite like the amount of time I have whenever I’m with you.

9. The kind that means the person I’d hate to miss the most is the one person that makes me realize that I could actually miss someone this much.

10. The kind that is impatient and selfish because it demands from me to be the opposite.

11. The kind that happens at two in the morning and I can feel your hand, the one that I’m supposed to be holding, tugging on my heartstrings, reminding me that you aren’t where you belong, because you’re not here with me.

12. The kind that is desperate enough to take chances on stars, and wells, and 11:11s.

13. The kind that is destructive and yet beautiful because for the very least, every day that I am not with you also means one more closer to the next time I’ll see you again.

14. The kind in which words, despite the extensive vocabulary we have today, are still not enough for me to convey to you all the ways in which I could possibly miss you.