14 Women Share The Quality They Find Least Attractive In A Man


1. “Indifference. If he doesn’t care enough to form his own opinion than I don’t care enough to give him the time of day.” —Lisa, 25

2. “The least attractive quality I find in a man has nothing to do with his physical appearance. Insecurity is uglier than any physical flaw. If he’s insecure about himself it skews his way of seeing life in general, and that’s a complicated mess.” —Haley, 24

3. “Laziness is so unattractive. I don’t want you sitting on your ass all day because that will make me want to sit on my ass all day. Get up, get out, and do things!” —Izzy, 25

4. “I hate it when they insult you to make you like them, like how guys make fun of girls in a playful way. I don’t know how to sum that up in one quality, but if you’re making fun of me it’s not going to make me like you. It’s going to make me feel insulted, and most likely dislike you.” —Marissa, 24

5. “Jealousy is definitely not hot. It’s cool if he’s annoyed by you flirting with the bartender, but if he yells at you for merely looking at another man, red flags are flying.” —Natalie, 23

6. “I hate men with ponytails. If your hair is longer than mine it almost makes me feel inferior. Chop that thing off.” —Delilah, 26

7. “If he’s overly conceited. Like cocky to the nth extent. I can’t handle a guy who loves himself more than he loves me.” —Chelsea, 25

8. “A mustache. And just a mustache, with no other facial hair. This isn’t the 80s or whenever those ugly things were in. I can’t speak for all women, but I most certainly do not want to kiss you when you’ve got that hairy thing under your nose.” —Samantha, 26

9. “I hate it when they are extremely muscular up top, and then have nothing down below. Like when they’ve got cannons for arms and string beans for legs. You clearly work out, but not in a balanced manner. If you take the time to work your arms, why not take the time to do the other half of your body?” —Vanessa, 24

10. “I’m not into guys who flaunt the amount of money they have. I don’t need to know how much your sweater cost, or your watch, or your car, or anything else you’re trying to impress me with. You know what will impress me? Your humility.” —Sabrina, 26

11. “I don’t like shy guys. I want you to be outgoing and adventurous, so that it makes up for my lack of both.” —Alyssa, 23

12. “When they’re not a people person. I like a guy who can fend for himself in a public setting. When there’s a room full of people I don’t want to have to babysit.” —Elizabeth, 25

13. “I can’t stand bushy eyebrows. Girls have to pluck theirs, so if a guy’s are out of control he should have to do the same. Plus bushy eyebrows remind me of my grandfather.” —Nichole, 24

14. “Bad breath. I know that’s easily fixed and not permanent, but damn if you have bad breath it is not one bit attractive.” —Maya, 25