A Playlist Of Walking Songs


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I’m going to be honest — it was my turn to create this week’s playlist and it totally escaped my mind, so what I bring ye here today is a list of songs I compiled a while ago (with some new additions) to listen to during one of my favorite activities, walking around.

Everyone has their walking songs, I think. They’re the songs that put a groove in your step, the songs that make you feel like you’re in a motion picture feature starring you and your car-less, boring life. While short, this is one of the only playlists I’ve taken the care of designing with something of a chronological order. That said, many of the songs that appear on it were “handed down” to me from other people. Like I said, everyone has their walking songs. And so I’d like to know yours, because a walk is a walk. A walking song is a walking song. So share those with me and I’ll do my damnedest to add them.

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image – Abbey Road