15 Bad Relationship Habits To Dump (Before He Dumps You)


It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. Don’t fall into these toxic dating habits.

1. Texting instead of talking. If you have a serious issue to discuss with your boyfriend, don’t text him about it. Wait until you see him in person to bring it up. It’s better to look into his eyes than stare at a screen.

2. Snooping on him. Don’t go through every email in his inbox. Don’t pick up his phone whenever he uses the bathroom. Have a little trust in him.

3. Solving fights with sex. Make-up sex is great. But you should make up before you actually have sex. Getting naked shouldn’t be a substitute for saying you’re sorry.

4. Airing your arguments online. Don’t share quotes on Facebook about how all men are pigs when you’re pissed at him. And don’t purposely post a sexy photo after a fight, so he can see all the other boys that like it. It’s only going to make things worse.

5. Waiting for him to initiate sex. You shouldn’t feel unattractive, because he didn’t jump on you the second you walked through the door. Jump on him. There’s nothing stopping you.

6. Claiming you’re fineDon’t pretend you’re emotionless. He knows that’s a load of BS. So just be honest with him, even if it means you’ll feel a little silly. If you’re with the right man, he won’t judge you. He’ll be thankful you opened up to him.

7. Keeping score. He should put in as much effort as you do — but that doesn’t mean you should keep a running tally of every single thing that he does (and doesn’t do). So don’t feel superior because you made dinner three times that week when he only cooked twice.

8. Falling into a routine. Don’t go to the same restaurant every weekend. Don’t eat the same breakfast every morning. And don’t have sex at the same time every night. If your relationship becomes routine, you’ll both become bored.

9. Comparing your relationship to others. Don’t compare your relationship to your best friend’s relationship. You don’t have to get married the same day that she does. Every couple moves at their own pace.

10. Giving him the silent treatment. If you need a few hours to think things through, that’s okay. But don’t shut him out for days to make a point. You’re not going to make up with him, unless you actually talk to him.

11. Waiting until you explode. If something is bothering you, let him know ASAP. It’s better to have a tame conversation now than wait weeks until you flip out and accidentally say nasty things that you’re going to regret.

12. Telling little white lies. If you get comfortable lying about how much you spent at the mall, you’ll start lying about other things. It’s a road you don’t want to go down.

13. Bringing up ancient arguments. The past should stay in the past. If he did something that horrible that you can’t let go of it, then you should break up with him. 

14. Getting lazy. Wear sweatpants for 90% of the week if you want. But once in a while, slip into your favorite dress. You wouldn’t want him to stop making an effort now that you’re a couple, right? Then you shouldn’t stop, either.

15. Spending every second together. It’s great that you love each other so much that you hate being apart. But you should have a life, outside of your relationship. It’s the healthy thing to do.