15 Comforting Mantras You Can Repeat To Yourself When You’re Having A Bad Day


1. If I’m not happy with how I did today, I can always, always try to do better tomorrow.

2. Failure is painful. But wondering ‘what could have been’ is even more painful. So at least today, in this moment, I can be proud of myself for trying, and I can be at peace with the fact that I never have to wonder what might have happened.

3. People are too busy worrying and obsessing over their own shortcomings to waste any time thinking about mine.

4. At the end of the day, my character and my integrity will always matter so much more than how much money I have or how successful I am.

5. Don’t get too high with the high’s, or too low with the low’s.

6. Most of the time, it really is better to do little things every day than it is to do one huge thing only once every few months.

7. Most of the things I’m upset about today almost definitely will not matter in a year from now. And many of them won’t matter in a month from now. And some of them won’t even matter tomorrow.

8. Everybody has moments or days or even long periods of time where they don’t like themselves. What’s important is that I keep trying every day to do the things that make me truly, genuinely like myself – being kind, working hard, trying to be truthful. This is so much easier, and so much more possible, than doing those things that I am convinced will make other people like me (which is just fighting a continuous, losing battle).

9. I deserve love. Even on my bad days, I deserve love.

10. Maintaining a growth mindset  and always believing I have time and space and the capability to improve, should matter so much more to me than innate talent.

11. The only person who needs to give me permission, or approval, to go after my dreams is me.

12. I will never be done learning. I will never be finished with my education. There is always room to grow and get better because there is always something more to learn.

13. It’s a thousand times cooler to care about something than it is to waste all my time pretending that I don’t care.

14. Happiness is always, and will always, be a process.

15. The best thing about a bad day is it reminds you how good the good ones are.