15 Disturbing Slogans From Nietzsche’s Brief Advertising Career


Coors Light: Drink responsibly for eternity

AT&T: The payphones are in heaven now, sweetie

Kool-Aid: It’s not a cult without Kool-Aid

Nintendo: We have nothing to fear but nothing itself

Trojan: One less mouth to feed

Disney: Every house is haunted

Chipotle: God is dead, long live the burrito

Netflix: Frankly, you have no choice in the matter

The Home Depot: There are frightened birds in the rafters

Pringles: Once you pop, it is impossible to have not popped

Motel 6: It’s only a nightmare if you’re sleeping

Monsanto: What’s the half-life of misery?

Nike: Imagine running for your life

Doublemint: The doppelganger has mysterious intentions

Old Navy: We are only as empty as our cargo pockets