15 Emotions Girls Have That Make Guys Think We’re Crazy


1. PMS.

It’s no mystery that every month mother nature transforms us into complete emotional head cases. We will continue to blame it on biology because we go through it every month so we most certainly have the right to, and don’t you dare try to tell us otherwise.

2. Jealousy towards other girls.

Even if you’re the most confident woman on the planet, we all have insecurities from time to time, and there will always be another woman who has something we want. Whether it’s her boyfriend, her boobs, her career, or her life, we can’t help but be green with envy.

3. Jealousy towards other guys.

Usually this happens to girls with boyfriends. The generic “boys night” tends to make women a little jealous that their man doesn’t want to spend every waking second with them.

4. Crying.

Men might think we cry far too often, but there’s always a reason, even if it is slightly irrational. This is when we use the PMS excuse, even if we know we’re not PMSing.

5. Crying provoked by wine (or some other alcohol).

Sometimes the Pinot Grigio can get the best of us, especially when we get to the bottom of the bottle.

6. Horny.

Women get horny too. We’re all human. When we want sex, you’ll know.

7. Sexy.

When we feel sexy, it’s a high we don’t want to ever come down from. Some women flaunt it, and some women hint at it with subtlety, but it’s a great feeling either way.

8. Wild.

This is when our daring side takes center stage. Whether we want to dance around a room singing at the top of our lungs, or go streaking in a McDonald’s drive thru, when we’re feeling wild nothing will hold us back, except maybe a few laws…or police officers.

9. Hyper.

Can’t. Stop. Won’t. Stop.

10. Deep.

What is the meaning of life? Or more simply, is my sh*t together yet, and when will it be?

11. Sassy.

OUT OF MY WAY…please. I mean, excuse me. Thank you.

12. Hungover.

These are the mornings after you finished the entire bottle of Pinot Grigio by yourself. Hydrate (with water).


The acronym for I Don’t Give A F*ck. This intersects often with hangovers, but nonetheless, our hair will most likely be unwashed, and we’ll be sporting our most comfy t-shirt with sweat pants, and maybe a pair of Uggs.

14. Ugly, or fat, or both.

Not saying we are ugly, or fat, or both, just that we feel it. Yes, I’m considering ugly an emotional feeling, if you’re a girl you most likely understand.

15. Hungry.

For some of us this is all the time. For others it arises in the form of bizarre cravings. And sometimes we just want every type of cuisine all at once, like those nights where you really want a spicy tuna sushi roll, but also want some grilled cheese and tomato soup. Our hunger doesn’t need an explanation.