15 GoPro Videos Of The Coolest, Sickest, Craziest Stuff You’ve Ever Seen


I love to go fast. I’ve been told I drive like I’m trying to get a pregnant woman to the hospital in time. And I don’t think it was meant as a compliment. But I can’t help it, I’m happiest when I feel the wind rushing past. People like me and many of my friends, we enjoy highly questionable death-defying antics because they’re super fun. I’ve always despised the term adrenaline junkie. It seems like a pejorative. But there’s no denying you do feel a high when you’re slip-streaming along the edge. And when you don’t die you feel that much more alive. Other folks, like some of my ex-girlfriends, tend to think who the hell wants to do dumb stuff like that? Well, me! …And other idiots like me.

Nowadays, thanks to the GoPro camera, you don’t need to be like me or my gravity-challenging friends, and yet, you can still experience what it’s like to be in the middle of all that madness. Those tiny cameras are a remarkable new technology. They’re perfect for our voyeuristic times and the internet crowd that enjoys watching the world from a screen. In this case, watching as the world blurs past and the GoPro camera records these athletes using their astonishing skills to defy brushes with near-death and enjoy ballet-like dances with gravity.

If you love to sip on the madness of motion, or if you’re just curious what it feels like to fly like an eagle, or slice down a mountain on skies, but would never do it yourself… this is your chance to taste the thrill of motion, from the safety and comfort of wherever you are. Enjoy!

1. Riding A Bike Over 72-foot Canyon


To start us off… this video came out like a month ago, and as you watch the video, you ride along with Kelly McGarry as he kamikazes his mountain bike along at break-neck speeds in desert canyon country. In the middle of his ride, he bombs down a ramp and does a back-flip over a seven-story canyon. It’s insane! I wouldn’t watch if you’re pregnant or have questionable control of your bowels… because you might lose it!

2. Riding in a Downhill Bike Race in Colombia


In this video, you get to feel what it’s like to race on mountain bike down stairs, ride up on walls, fly over jumps, and zoom through the tiny cramped streets of a mountainous Colombian town. It’s pretty much 100% insanity.

3. Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud


This dude, world-class skier, Matthias Giraud, takes you down a mountain in the Alps on skis and pulls off a sick-ass jump and then parachutes through the clouds! Because yeah… he’s above the clouds! Thanks to GoPro you get to be there with him in mid-air.

4. Surfing Backdoor with Sunny Garcia


Have you ever wondered what it feels like to surf? Well, ride along with badass pro Sunny Garcia and you can wonder no more. Slide down the face of breaking waves as the water curls around you.

5. Surfing on a Longboard with Kelia Moniz


In this one, you go longboarding with Kelia Moniz as she water-dances atop her longboard and then takes you swimming under the waves with sea turtles. She’s a total boss bitch with a laidback surfer girl vibe. And watching her do her thing might make you wonder if you’re doing life right.

6. Skateboarding a big air w/ Andy Mac


Skateboarding is a sport that looks so graceful when done well. Well, here’s your chance to piggyback along for a ride with pro, Andy Mac, and enjoy the grace of motion from the inside, rather than just watch as a spectator. And dude catches some big air and you experience what it’s like to ride up a transition and launch into the sky for a defiant moment.

7. Houston Race Monster Energy Supercross 2011


This video takes you into the middle of a supercross dirtbike race and you get to see what it looks and feels like to bail hard and also catch mad air. It’s sooo dirty! (pun intended)

8. Moto Snowy Ridgeline


In this one you get to see what it’s like to ride a motocross dirtbike atop a ribbon of earth stretched along a mountaintop ridgeline. It’s even dirtier, if you ask me! Inches away from pretty much guaranteed death or destruction of your body as you know it. Enjoy!

9. Surfing End of the Road with Kalani Chapman


Yes, I’m biased towards surfing. So what? Here’s another awesome video of surfing with Kalani Chapman. Dude is just so damn smooth!

10. Mountain biking in Peru


This one gives you a taste of how it feels to be way up at elevation in the Andes pedaling hard for your life. Sooo sick! So fast. So stupid dangerous but also worth the risk. But you don’t have to risk shit… you just get to enjoy the view!

11. Downhill longboarding


In this video, you get to see what it feels like to bomb down a hill on a longboard, carving your way through turns as you land surf down super steep streets as you split the wind at high speed!

12. Wingsuit flying with Jokke Sommer


You’ve probably seen those crazy bastards who fly in the wingsuits. Well, here’s your chance to see the world the way they see it, the way a bird sees it. It’s pretty much balls-to-the-wall insane.

13. Rattlesnake strikes camera


One of the coolest things about GoPro cameras is how small they are. They can be attached to just about anything. In this case, it’s a mountain bike helmet. And when some riders come across a rattlesnake, they push the helmet at the snake. And you get to see, up close and personal, what it looks like when a rattlesnake strikes.

14. Snowboarding in Lake Tahoe


A lot of my friends snowboard. I don’t… because I hate to be cold. It looks like fun, though. And this video almost makes me want to go try it. Almost.

15. Ken Block turns San Francisco into his rally car playground


We saved the best for last. This one is just ridiculous. Rally car driver, Rob Drydek, with the help of DC Shoes, turned the city of San Francisco into his personal playground and goes GTA on the streets. You just have to watch!