15 Important Things You Need To Remember For Future Relationships


1. It can never be over stated: one cannot do it alone if not there will be no need for love. What two can achieve together in unity an individual may never be able to achieve that throughout a lifetime.

2. It is always complicated: It’s either a case of two different people coming together or two similar people coming together but in each case it is always complicated. The differences and similarities are what makes it complicated.

3. You need to fight for it: Giving up is cheating yourself out of what can be, the future is priceless.

4. There are always good and bad times. Savour each moments spent together. Fix the bad part.

5. There is nothing really peculiar to a sex though some are just common to a particular sex. If a man can do it that means a woman can also do it and vice versa.

6. Ladies need to stop the pretense. This is 2014 stop trying to be polite. Be real and original.

7. There are better ways to enjoy your relationship than sex. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

8. Character over beauty any day, any circumstances. When beauty is gone or becomes familiar character is what carries it on.

9. Everything has to be both ways. You give and I give not just I give and give and give until it becomes just a mere activity.

10. When you think something is wrong, then something is wrong. Don’t wait till it’s too big to deal with. Tackle it at once. Truth can be so hard and avoid denial.

11. What family and friends think about you matters to an extent because these are people that can easily influence him/her.

12. Even when quarrelling you should be able to have this deep feeling of peace and ironically, happiness.

13. The best relationship is the “best friend” relationship where you share everything with each other.

14. Nothing is really just for fun and flowers is a powerful tool.

15. At the end if it doesn’t work, don’t crucify yourself. Forgive, learn from it and move on. If not the “un-forgiveness” and sorrow will lead to misery while the other person is far far gone.

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