15 Uber Adorable Coming Out Stories To Prove Love Conquers Hate


1. “My best friend in the world is a lesbian, and I’ve always doubted my sexuality, so I bombarded her with questions. Then, one day, she got fed up with those questions and said the best way to find out how I feel about women is to kiss one. So we kissed. And we dated. We’re still together now.” — Jamie, 22

2. “I was watching TV with my parents. Two dudes kissed. Dad goes, ‘How could they do that? I don’t get it. I could never do that.’ I looked at him and said, ‘I could.’ That was that. We just went on with our lives.” — Greg, 19

3. “This is pretty embarrassing, actually. I was in the closet for a while, so my cat was the only one I could talk to about my girl crushes. I’d come home after class and tell him all about my obsessions. One day, my dad came home early and heard my conversation with the cat. He judged me, but not because I was gay. Just because I was a crazy cat lady.” — Megan, 23

4. “Telling my family wasn’t that big of a deal, but I have a cute story about a little old lady that used to come into my grocery store. We’d talk every weekend when she picked up her food, so we were on a first name basis. She was the sweetest, but she was old, so I assumed she wouldn’t approve of my lifestyle. I found out I was wrong one day when I mentioned how my girlfriend and I were taking trip to Australia. It was the first time I mentioned my girlfriend, so she corrects me and says, “You mean your boyfriend?” Then I correct her. Explain that I’m dating a girl. She looks at me for a second, smiles, and says, “Well I hope she’s as pretty as you are.” She didn’t give a crap. Old people aren’t always ignorant.” — Eliza, 25

5. “I didn’t really tell anyone. I just sort of came home with my girlfriend. This was back in high school. It was nice, because no one realized we were together, so we could go in my room with the door shut and get naked. But one day, my mom said, “From now on, keep the door open, okay?” It was her way of telling me she realized. And of telling me she’d treat me the same way she would if I had a boy in my room.” — Caitlyn, 28

6. “I’m not trying to perpetuate any stereotypes here, but I’m what most people would call flamboyant. I never really had to deal with coming out of the closet. Everyone just knew I was gay. My parents probably knew before I did. Isn’t much of a story.” — Manuel, 24

7. “I actually just came out over social media after hearing about Orlando. I’d planned on telling everyone close to me face-to-face sometime soon, but I was so fucking disgusted by the tragedy that I felt the need to say something. I don’t regret it. I received a lot of support. All of it was support, really. Doesn’t change what happened down in Florida, but it makes me hate the world a tiny bit less, because I know there are at least a few people out there that aren’t total assholes.”  Andrew, 23

8. “I’m a bisexual man, but I thought I was gay for most of my life. I only dated other guys, but I’d occasionally make out with girls at parties, and I loved it. I thought the alcohol was just messing with me. But then one day I realized I was fooling myself. Sexuality isn’t black and white. I could like men and women. It’s weird though. It was harder for everyone to come to terms with me being bi than me being gay. But I’ve still gotten a lot of love.” — Freddie, 29

9. “Bear with me, because this is going to sound like a sucky story, but I swear it’s a happy one. When I told my parents, they flipped the fuck out. Said some nasty things I’ll never forget. They never apologized for any of it, either. In fact, I don’t keep in contact with them now. Don’t even text them. But here’s the thing: You don’t need to keep hurtful friends and family in your life. Leave them behind. I’m happier without them. I don’t need their acceptance and I sure as hell don’t need their holiday cards. I’m happy being me, and that’s all that matters in my mind.” — Michael, 25

10. “I came out as pansexual to my parents last year. They didn’t know what it meant. I’m pretty sure they had to Google it.” — Danielle, 19

11. “I was actually outed by a friend. Saying it sucked doesn’t even begin to cover it. I wish I could’ve done it on my own terms, but I’m glad everyone knows. Makes it easier to be me.” — Henry, 21

12. “My parents are very religious. So religious that they actually stand up at church and speak every other week. When they found out I was gay, they sent me to camp. It wasn’t a conversion camp or anything like that, but it WAS church camp, and it was obvious they wanted me to come back with a newfound love of Jesus and a lot less love of dick. Didn’t work. But it’s been four years since that happened, and now they accept everything I am. They’re even pressuring me to propose to my boyfriend, because they don’t want me to die alone. I don’t know exactly when they changed their minds about me, but it happened.” — Sal, 20

13. “I’ve never made a show out of my sexuality. I always casually slip it into conversation, so no one can make a big deal of it. It works. People usually don’t even comment on it.” — Karina, 24

14. “I got wasted. Texted my parents, telling them I had a boyfriend. They thought I was just confused, so I had to come out all over again the next morning when I was sober so they would take me seriously.” — Christopher, 21 

15. “I don’t remember exactly when I told my grandparents (I lived with them). All I remember is that they were in denial for a while. But then they met my boyfriend and liked him more than they liked me, so they had to put their old fashioned ideas aside. I’m still not convinced they understand me, but they definitely accept me.” — Larry, 23