15 Little Life Hacks To Help You Face Whatever Life Throws Your Way


1. You’re only as lonely as you allow yourself to be. Sure, sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to get dressed and go out but make that extra effort to see your family, close friends, and even acquaintances every once in a while. Don’t let Netflix stand in the way of you having an interactive social life.

2. Everything you want is nothing you really need, while everything you need is something you already have. Don’t take the thing you have for granted because somewhere in the world, there is someone else praying for them.

3. The most important people in your life are your family. You might fight and bicker with them but no one will ever love you as unconditionally as they do. They are the only people in this world that will overlook your flaws and mistakes and continue to support you no matter what. No one — and I mean no one — will ever have your back the way your family does.

4. Pray. Pray in times of sadness. Pray in times of happiness. The power of prayer is limitless and underestimated. Ask God (or whatever/whoever you believe in) for forgiveness in times of need and give thanks for everything that he continues to give. If you can read this, you are already more blessed that most of the world’s population. That itself is more than enough to be thankful for.

5. The “one” isn’t always the “one.” He/she may seem like everything you could have ever hoped for, and it will take a lot of tears before you realize that they are not and that’s okay. That just means your true “one” is still out there waiting for you. Remember, sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. Be patient.

6. Move on. Heartbreaks happen. Everyone falls in and out of love. Just because one thing didn’t work out, that doesn’t mean nothing ever will. Stop using past relationships and outcomes as an excuse to build walls around you. You are the only one who can open doors for yourself so start letting people in. It’s okay to be cautious but don’t automatically shut out anyone who tries to get close to you.

7. Make mistakes. You’ll never know if you never try. Don’t waste too much time thinking about the “what-ifs”. You have the power to change those “what-ifs” into reality. Don’t be too afraid to take a chance. The outcome won’t always be what you hoped for, but at least you’ll be able to say you tried.

8. Pride is overrated. There’s a thin line between having a big ego and having self-respect. Know the difference.

9. Life is too short to hold grudges. Be the bigger person and learn to forgive and forget. Life instantly becomes a lot easier when you learn to accept the apology that you never got.

10. Friendships don’t always last forever. The friends who you thought will always be there may not be anymore, while the friends who you thought wouldn’t be such big parts of your life become your closest friends. Distance is the truest test of friendship.

11. The biggest favor that you can do yourself is to be more open-minded and tolerant towards everyone and everything. There’s nothing wrong with standing your ground and arguing from time to time, but learn give every opinion a chance. It will change the way you view the world around you.

12. The important thing in life isn’t a destination, it’s the journey. How you face the challenges along the way determine who you are as a person. The way you handle situations, hardships, or prosperity, reveals your character in its truest form.

13. Stop hunting for the grass on the other side because there’s no guarantee it will be greener.

14. You don’t always get a second chance, so make the first one count.

15. Live your life without any regrets. We all look back at certain things and wish we had done things differently but we forget that we are where we are in life because of the choices we made in the past, whether they were good or bad. Use those life experiences to become a better person and make better choices in the future.

featured image – Kara Harms