20 Little Moments Only Extremely Sensitive People Get To Experience


1. Having a mini breakdown every time you hear “Angel” by Sara McLachlan during the ASPCA commercial, but feeling better after reading that she herself can’t watch that commercial without losing it.

2. The amount of relief you feel when realizing your significant other didn’t text you back only because he was asleep.

3. Understanding the value in small failures shortly after a “C” on a paper forces you to rethink your entire career plan.

4. Realizing, after a brief moment of horror, that your friends still love you even though they all got together over the weekend without you and your newsfeed is flooded with photos of the good times they had. (You were out of town anyway).

5. When your favorite television series is canceled and you’re positive that the world is going to end, but later realize that the TV gods created Netflix for a reason.

6. Ugly crying about not being able to meet your celebrity crush..and later laughing about it.

7. Not being able to watch the part in “Fox and the Hound” when Todd is left all alone in the forest but taking solace when all of the youtube commenters share your same feelings.

8. Screaming in excitement when your order for dinner finally arrives at your door because food is life.

9. The reassurance you feel when your friend’s didn’t actually forget your birthday, and throw you a surprise party the next day.

10. Jumping up in terror at every unexpected noise and giggling to yourself afterwards.

11. Having trouble sleeping after watching The Conjuring, but later learning your friends were just as terrified, and are now plagued with night terrors.

12. Thinking you are hated in the office when you see people whispering and staring at you, when in actuality they were just complimenting your outfit.

13. When your favorite song comes on the radio and you can’t help but scream it at the top of your lungs and jump around excitedly.

14. When an email pops up in your inbox and you’re suddenly seized with fear, but realize it’s just a sweet letter from your grandma.

15. Taking it to heart for a second that the cute guy on Tinder doesn’t match with you, but later remembering that Tinder is a huge mistake in the first place.

16. Begging your parents for a puppy because you burst into tears every time you even see a picture of one.

17. The weight you feel lift off your shoulders when your boss calls you into his office—for a raise, not a lecture.

18. Feeling smug when the boy who rejected you and made you miserable last year, asks you out this year and you can say no without any hesitation.

19. The freeing feeling you get after you no longer feel bad for breaking up with the tool you used to date.

20. Knowing you will always have a big enough heart for yourself and others.