15 Little Things I Sincerely Wish Someone Had Told Me About Being 25


1. Sleeping is a beautiful thing.

Functioning on 8-10 hours of sleep versus 7 or less makes a world of difference. Getting proper shut eye makes you an entirely different person.

2. You have to chase your dreams.

You spent some years deciding on your next steps while working hard, now more than ever your dreams are within reach (if not already accomplished).

3. Spending quality time with your family is one of the (if not) best things ever.

Any issues your family used to have or excuses for not spending enough time together no longer exist. Scheduling quality family time with your siblings and parents is an absolute priority now and the best times.

4. It’s okay that your friends circle has gotten smaller, because it’s probably better.

In the past ten years your circle has gone from “party / hang out friends” to just real genuine do anything with friends. Quality over quantity.

5. Your life is not all figured out yet.

You’re not exactly where you thought you would be when you were 25, so what? Your exactly where you need to be at this time, and can look ahead with your arms and mind wide open to possibilities.

6. Things will never ever be fully “figured” out.

As soon as you think you will have your life under control and on a path, your life will change again. It always evolves and never stays the same, which is a great thing.

7. Adult bills are expensive.

But you are damn proud you have been paying your own way for a long time now.

8. Time goes fast.

It felt like a blink of an eye when life went from just getting out of High School to almost 30 years old. Live in the present moment and be present with everyone you encounter. All the time we ever have is right now.

9. You’re going to make a LOT of mistakes.

Job mistakes, relationship mistakes, accidents and everything in between. You’ve gone through it, you came out and you don’t feel bitter about the experience at all. Instead you feel like a better person because of it.

10. Plans change.

The career you thought you would have has been altered or changed all together. Take time to follow any path you feel an yearning for and follow your desires. Chances are it will probably change again.

11. Cooking is actually something you should learn.

No more convenience easy ready meals and drive thru’s, cooking a meal from scratch and doing it well almost feels as good as winning a marathon. It tastes great, its good for you and you save money.

12. You won’t be able to party like you used it, but you’ll (probably) like it.

When you go out and drink you like to start early so that you can get to bed at a decent time. Trying to stay up until 2 am or later is pretty much impossible now. Friday and Saturday nights are now spent with either your close friends, family or significant other.

13. Being stressed and worried is a waste of time.

You have realized that wasting hours stressing about what is to come and being worked up will not properly lead you into your future. Everything has worked out in your life so far well and will continue to work out, wherever you go next.

14. Kid activities are just as fun as when you’re an adult.

Coloring books, jumping on a trampoline and water slides. Its nice to enjoy your inner Kidult.

15. Real love did exist and you have it in your life.

You met him, you’re inseparable, his happiness is your happiness and it’s almost as if you were reborn since you have been together.